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PXIe-5785 Specifications
SPECIFICATIONS PXIe-5785 PXI FlexRIO IF Transceiver This document ... for the PXIe-5785. Specifications are subject to change ... Using the PXIe-5785 in a manner not described in this document ...
Edition Date: October 2018

PXIe-5785 Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information
... INFORMATION PXIe-5785 PXI FlexRIO IF Transceiver Read this ... by the PXIe-5785 can be impaired if it is used in a ... | PXIe-5785 Shock and Vibration Random vibration ...
Edition Date: November 2018

FlexRIO Support 18.6 Readme
... PXIe-5775 PXIe-5785 FlexRIO Support 18.1 includes the following ... Modules PXIe-5785 FlexRIO FPGA Modules PXI-7951R PXI-7952R ...