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sbRIO-9239 Dimensional Drawings
... Drawings sbRIO-9239 Dimensional Drawings sbRIO-9239 Dimensional ... for the sbRIO-9239. 2D Dimensional Drawings PDF - 780875-01 ...

NI 9229E/9239E Operating Instructions and Specifications
This document provides device specifications and instructions for installing and operating the sbRIO- 9229 and the sbRIO-9239.
Edition Date: November 2008

C Series Voltage Input Module Manual - C Series Voltage Input Module Manual
This manual contains information about the C Series Voltage Input Module, including pinouts and specifications.

Single-Board RIO Modules Show Up as Unsupported with cDAQ
... sbRIO-9237 sbRIO-9239 sbRIO-9263 sbRIO-9264 sbRIO-9265 sbRIO-9403 ...

CompactRIO Single-Board Controller Module Compatibility
... 781209-01 sbRIO-9239 780875-01 sbRIO-9263 780876-01 sbRIO-9264 ...