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Why Does my NI 9233/9234 Load Cell Signal Decay?
Why is my load cell connected to the NI 9233/9234 returning readings that delay exponentially, even though I am applying a constant force?
Timeout Error When Installing Software on CompactRIO
When I attempt to install software on my CompactRIO, the installation begins, but ends with a timeout error. What happened, and how can I fix it?
What NI Product Can I Use for Wireless DAQ in Class I Division 2 Hazardous, Explosive Environments?
I want to acquire data wirelessly in a gaseous, explosive environment.  The DAQ device must pass Class I Division 2 or Class I Zone 2 North American hazardous locations certifications.  Which NI product ...
How Are The Various Components Of A CompactRIO Grounded?
I have a CompactRIO with various modules installed. How are the modules grounded in relation to the chassis and controller? How does the chassis ground relate to the power supply input and module grounds? ...
How Do I Improve the Update Rate Of Multiple NI Scan Engine Channels?
I added 16 NI 9205 analog input channels within a timed loop that's synchronized to the NI Scan Engine. When I set the Scan Period to 1ms, I found that every iteration of the loop finished late. How can ...
Using the Digital Output and PFI Lines of the NI 9205/9206 with CompactDAQ
I have purchased the NI 9205/9206 analog input module to use with an NI cDAQ chassis, and I noticed Digital Output and PFI lines on the pinout.  How do I use them?
What Modules Are Onboard the Single Board RIO and How Do They Differ From C-Series Modules?
I know the sbRIO includes modules for different forms of input and output. How do these modules correlate to the different sbRIO models, and how do they differ from their c-series counterparts?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for NI cRIO-901x and cRIO-907x Targets
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for NI cRIO-901x and cRIO-907x Targets Hardware: CompactRIO>>Controllers>>cRIO-9012 Problem: What are some of the frequently ...
Error -63195 While Running FPGA VI in Interactive Mode
I have a CompactRIO system and am trying to run an FPGA VI in interactive mode by clicking on the Run button of the VI. The VI seems to compile and download successfully, but as soon as it starts running ...
Why Does My NI 9237 Not Sample Below 3.846 kHz?
I am trying to program my NI 9237, in a CompactDAQ, to use a sample rate below 3.846 kHz.  The actual sample rate is coerced to 3.846 kHz and the one that I programmed is not used.  I know that the NI ...
Voltage Readings With NI 9205 or NI 9206 in CompactRIO Are Off by Several Millivolts
When using the NI 9205 or NI 9206 Analog Input module in a CompactRIO chassis, there are several millivolts of error when measuring a known voltage. Why is this happening?
How Can I Trigger a NI 9233 or 9234?
The NI 9233 and NI 9234 do not support digital or analog triggers. How can I trigger acquisitions on either of the modules?
How do I Connect to Ethernet Targets with Multiple Network Cards in the Host?
I have an Ethernet based instrument that I am trying to find using Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).  My host computer has multiple Ethernet cards.  When I attempt to connect to my Ethernet device, ...
Connecting to Ethernet Targets with Multiple Networks Cards in the Host
I am trying to connect to a Real-Time system. It might be a PXI Chassis, cRIO, Compact FieldPoint, or Desktop ETS. In my host computer I have multiple Ethernet cards. I cannot connect to the Real-Time ...
NI-VISA Error 0xBFFF00A7 from Real-Time Target
I receive the following error from my real-time target in LabVIEW or Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX): VISA Error 0xBFFF00A7 (-1073807193) The remote machine does not exist or is not accepting any ...
Startup EXE not Launching on Real-Time (RT) Target at Controller Reset
I have a real-time system with a startup executable (EXE) embedded on the controller.  When I reboot the controller, the EXE does not seem to be running at all.  What might be causing this behavior?
Actual Excitation Voltage of NI 9237 Differs from Specified Voltage
When creating a DAQmx Task for Strain or Custom Voltage with Excitation with the NI 9237, the excitation voltage that I specified in the task is not the same as I measure across Ex+ and Ex-. For example, ...
How Can I Ensure that My CompactRIO Module Is Powered On?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document How Can I Ensure that My CompactRIO Module Is Powered On? Hardware: CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes) Problem: How do I make sure that my CompactRIO(cRIO) ...
How do I Reset the Password for My CompactRIO (cRIO)?
I locked the IP configuration on my CompactRIO in Measurement & Automation Explorer and forgot the password. How do I reset it?
Slow Disk Access in NI LabVIEW Real-Time in Large FAT32 Directories
My LabVIEW Real-Time application reads and writes to large directories on a hard disk formatted for FAT32. As the number of files in a given directory increases, the time required to perform disk access ...
IEPE Excitation Levels for DSA Devices
What are the available IEPE excitation levels for National Instruments Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA) devices?
NI 9476 Module Reads 8 V When in Off State Using 24 V Power Supply with No Load
I have connected a 24 V Power Supply to my NI 9476 DO module. With no load connected, I measure the Off state to be 8 V instead of the expected 0 V. Is this normal?
Targeting the CompactRIO's FPGA Without LabVIEW Real-Time
I have a CompactRIO 90xx controller and a cRIO-910x FPGA chassis. I want to develop, target, and run FPGA code on the 910x chassis directly from my host computer without LabVIEW Real-Time installed. How ...
Switching Between Calibrated Fixed-Point and Raw Integer Modes for CompactRIO I/O
How can I select either calibrated fixed-point or raw integer data types for the I/O nodes of my C-Series module?
NI 9219 Convert FXP to Thermocouple VI
I am using NI-RIO 2.4 with fixed point I/O and an NI 9219 in a CompactRIO. How can I convert the FXP channel value in the real-time controller or host PC to temperature units, accounting for the CJC value? ...
Simulate FPGA Hardware Targets Using the Project Explorer with LabVIEW
I have purchased NI FPGA hardware but would like to start LabVIEW development before I receive the hardware. How do I simulate my FPGA targets in LabVIEW?
How Much Power Do I Need to Have in a Battery to Power my CompactRIO?
I am looking for a decent battery I can use with a CompactRIO system.  How much power does the battery need to have?
Error -63001 NI-RIO FPGA Communications Occurs With DMA Transfers From Host to FPGA
I am trying to do a Direct Memory Access (DMA) transfer from the 900x compactRIO Real-Time (RT) controller to the FPGA. The FPGA code compiles; however, when I run the code I get a Real-Time error saying ...
How Do I Calculate the Dynamic Range of My C Series Module or DAQ Device?
I would like to calculate the dynamic range of my C Series module or DAQ analog input. What information do I need and what calculations do I need to perform?
Error 50150 - Reboot USB 9162 after upgrading to DAQmx 8.7
Immediately following an upgrade to DAQmx 8.7 and using a USB-9162, a user may see error 50150 when attempting to use the device until they restart Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) or reboot.  ...

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