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Error -63001 NI-RIO FPGA Communications Occurs With DMA Transfers From Host to FPGA
I am trying to do a Direct Memory Access (DMA) transfer from the 900x compactRIO Real-Time (RT) controller to the FPGA. The FPGA code compiles; however, when I run the code I get a Real-Time error saying ...
CompactRIO Controller Support for Drive Letter Access for the 9802 Module
I am trying to mount my SD card on the RT host, but I get the following error message:Support for Drive Letter access to NI 9802 Cards from cRIO-900x Controllers is not supportedWhich controllers support ...
Error 50150 - Reboot USB 9162 after upgrading to DAQmx 8.7
Immediately following an upgrade to DAQmx 8.7 and using a USB-9162, a user may see error 50150 when attempting to use the device until they restart Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) or reboot.  ...
C Series Digital I/O Behavior on Loss of Ethernet, Wireless, or USB Connection
If my C Series Digital I/O device (NI-9401, NI-9472, NI-9481, etc.) loses connection with the host controller, what happens to the current output configuration?
What Units Are Returned from C-Series Analog Modules When Using Fixed-Point Data?
I am using Fixed-Point Data in my FPGA project for my C-series analog modules. What units will be returned with this data?
How Does Automatic Network Configuration Work on cRIO-9073 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO Controllers?
15 ratings:   2.79 out of 5      Rate this Document How Does Automatic Network Configuration Work on cRIO-9073 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO Controllers? Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 1.0.1 Primary ...
Thermistor Measurements Using the NI 9219
2 ratings:   4.5 out of 5      Rate this Document Thermistor Measurements Using the NI 9219 Hardware: CompactDAQ>>Analog Input Modules>>NI 9219 Problem: Can the NI 9219 be used for thermistor measurements?  ...
Why Does My VxWorks Controller Boot Into Safe Mode Unexpectedly?
My cRIO controller fails to boot. After a couple of attempts, it boots into safe mode even with all of the software installed and dip switches set correctly. If I connect a console to the target's serial ...
What is the Analog Input Impedance of the NI 9237?
I have an NI 9237 and I would like to know the analog input impedance of the module to incorporate this data into my strain measurements.  What is the  analog input impedance of the NI 9237?
Is the Ethernet Port of the CompactRIO (cRIO) 9004 Controller Isolated?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Is the Ethernet Port of the CompactRIO (cRIO) 9004 Controller Isolated? Hardware: CompactRIO>>Controllers>>cRIO-9004 Problem: Is the Ethernet Port of ...
Does the NI 9151 Expansion Chassis Affect the Performance of My C Series Modules?
I am using the NI 9151 R Series Expansion Chassis with my PXI R Series card. Does using the expansion chassis affect the performance of my C Series modules compared to using them in a different CompactRIO ...
How to Read a Current Loop System with CompactRIO?
I want to read a 4 - 20 mA current loop system with CompactRIO (cRIO).  Which module should I use and what configurations are possible?
Can I Use FPGA Emulation Mode in a PXI System with a 9151 R Series Expansion Chassis?
I have an R-Series PXI/PCI-783xR card connected to an NI 9151 CompactRIO Expansion Chassis. I am trying to use the Use Target Hardware for I/O option to emulate I/O of the modules on the cRIO expansion ...
Does the NI-RIO Additional Installer Include Full Driver Support?
I am trying to build an installer for my application and have included the NI-RIO drivers in the Additional Installers for my build. However, when I install my application, I am not able to see my CompactRIO ...
Which C Series Modules Have Anti-Alias Filters?
Which C Series modules are available with anti-alias filters? Why do the NI 9215, and 9221 modules not have anti-alias filters?
Why am I Getting Large Binary Values From Analog FPGA Reading?
 I am seeing raw binary data that is outside of the range of my analog device in my FPGA code. Why is this happening?
Moving CompactRIO VIs with Uncalibrated Data to FPGA Targets with Calibrated Data
In versions of NI-RIO prior to 2.4, C Series Modules only return binary (uncalibrated) data, which requires the host VI to apply calibration coefficients and convert the data to engineering units in software. After ...
Different Types of Isolation: Channel-to-Channel, Bank (Channel-to-Bus), and Channel-to-Earth Ground Isolation
What is Isolation? I do not understand the differences between channel-to-channel, bank (channel-to-bus), and channel-to-earth ground isolation. What are the differences between the types of electrical ...
What is the Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) for cDAQ modules?
What is the effective number of bits (ENOB) for various cDAQ modules, such as the NI 9239 analog input C Series module and NI 9219 universal analog input?
How to Wire the Shield Pins of My 9944/9945 Terminal Blocks
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document How to Wire the Shield Pins of My 9944/9945 Terminal Blocks Hardware: CompactDAQ>>Analog Input Modules>>NI 9237 Problem: I see the shield terminal on ...
Incorrect Conversion Time Using The NI 9205 Module
I have a CompactRIO which uses an NI 9205 module to sample analog voltages in FPGA interface mode. When I read a single channel with this module, I am able to achieve the minimum time between conversions ...
Why Can't I See My NI 9144 in MAX?
I have connected my NI 9144 8-slot EtherCAT Slave Chassis to my cRIO, why can't I see it in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?
Can I Daisy Chain a NI cRIO-9074 with Another NI cRIO Real-Time Controller?
I have two CompactRIOs (one is a cRIO-9074) and I would like to access the I/O modules on the second controller from the 9074. How do I properly daisy chain a NI cRIO-9074 with another cRIO controller, ...
Do I Need The FPGA Module To Use The NI 9802 Module In My CompactRIO?
I have an NI 9802 SD card module and would like to mount it as a drive in the CompactRIO’s Real-Time OS. Do I still need the FPGA module to achieve this?
Can I Program the FPGA of the NI 9144 EtherCAT Expansion Chassis?
I have a CompactRIO chassis with a Real-Time controller and a NI 9144 Deterministic Ethernet Chassis.  I am using the FPGA on my CompactRIO.  Can I also use the FPGA  for the NI 9144?
What is the Maximum Number of Samples for Finite Analog Output on the USB-9263?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document What is the Maximum Number of Samples for Finite Analog Output on the USB-9263? Hardware: CompactDAQ>>Analog Output Modules>>NI 9263 Problem: I would ...
Why Won't My VxWorks Controller Reboot or Ping Itself?
Why won't my VxWorks controller (such as a cRIO 9012) reboot itself with the RT Reboot Controller VI? Also, why won't my VxWorks controller detect itself on the network with the RT Ping Controller VI?
How Do I Select Configurations and Resistances of Strain Gauges in My FPGA VI for an NI 9237?
When using an NI 9237 module in an FPGA target, I don’t see a way to specify the resistance of my strain gauges or how to configure the module for quarter bridge measurement.
What is the Maximum Number of NI 9144 Chassis That Can Be Daisy Chained Together?
I know the NI 9144 chassis can be used in a daisy chain, namely connecting multiple chassis in series through their ethernet ports.  Is there a limit to the amount that can be connected together?
Can Switches, Hubs, or Routers Be Used With The NI 9144?
I know the NI 9144 can be daisy chained.  Can I use a switch with my NI 9144s instead to form a star topology?

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