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Why Do I Get Error -201133 When Trying To Run Multiple Digital I/O or Counter Tasks with My NI 9401 in NI-DAQmx?
The product page for the NI 9401 states that the NI 9401 is "Bidirectional, configurable by nibble (4 bits)," but when I try to run multiple Digital I/O (DI/O) or counter tasks in LabVIEW using NI-DAQmx, ...
How Are the Various Components of a CompactRIO Grounded?
I have a CompactRIO with various modules installed. How are the modules grounded in relation to the chassis and controller? How does the chassis ground relate to the power supply input and module grounds? ...
Using the Digital Output and PFI Lines of the NI 9205/9206 with CompactDAQ
I have purchased the NI 9205/9206 analog input module to use with an NI cDAQ chassis, and I noticed Digital Output and PFI lines on the pinout.  How do I use them?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for NI cRIO-901x and cRIO-907x Targets
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for NI cRIO-901x and cRIO-907x Targets Hardware: CompactRIO>>Controllers>>cRIO-9012 Problem: What are some of the frequently ...
Error -63195 While Running FPGA VI in Interactive Mode
I have a CompactRIO system and am trying to run an FPGA VI in interactive mode by clicking on the Run button of the VI. The VI seems to compile and download successfully, but as soon as it starts running ...
Why Does My NI 9237 Not Sample Below 3.846 kHz?
I am trying to program my NI 9237, in a CompactDAQ, to use a sample rate below 3.846 kHz.  The actual sample rate is coerced to 3.846 kHz and the one that I programmed is not used.  I know that the NI ...
Voltage Readings With NI 9205 or NI 9206 in CompactRIO Are Off by Several Millivolts
When using the NI 9205 or NI 9206 Analog Input module in a CompactRIO chassis, there are several millivolts of error when measuring a known voltage. Why is this happening?
How Do I Programmatically Set Module I/O Properties When Using CompactRIO Scan Mode?
I have shifted from using FPGA to using Scan Mode with all my modules. How can I use property nodes to access module I/O properties when using Scan Mode?
How Can I Trigger a NI 9233 or 9234?
The NI 9233 and NI 9234 do not support digital or analog triggers. How can I trigger acquisitions on either of the modules?
Connecting to Ethernet Targets with Multiple Networks Cards in the Host
I am trying to connect to a Real-Time system. It might be a PXI Chassis, cRIO, Compact FieldPoint, or Desktop ETS. In my host computer I have multiple Ethernet cards. I cannot connect to the Real-Time ...
How do I Connect to Ethernet Targets with Multiple Network Cards in the Host?
I have an Ethernet based instrument that I am trying to find using Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).  My host computer has multiple Ethernet cards.  When I attempt to connect to my Ethernet device, ...
Startup EXE not Launching on Real-Time (RT) Target at Controller Reset
I have a real-time system with a startup executable (EXE) embedded on the controller.  When I reboot the controller, the EXE does not seem to be running at all.  What might be causing this behavior?
NI-VISA Error 0xBFFF00A7 from Real-Time Target
I receive the following error from my real-time target in LabVIEW or Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX): VISA Error 0xBFFF00A7 (-1073807193) The remote machine does not exist or is not accepting any ...
Why Isn't the CompactRIO Controller Status Light Lit During Boot-up?
While my CompactRIO (cRIO) Controller boots, the Status light does not light up and the controller takes several minutes to boot up. I have looked in the manual, and it indicates that the Status LED should ...
Can I Use the 9403 to Output a Counter Signal?
I have a 9403 C-Series module and I wish to access the Counter PFI lines, but for some reason the DAQ Assistant doesn't allow me to select a Counter, why is this?
Cannot Download to FPGA Using LabVIEW 8.5.x with Some Revisions of cRIO-910x, NI 781xR, and NI 783xR.
When I try to run a FPGA VI in LabVIEW 8.5, the code appears to start executing, but immediately terminates and returns the default data values to the host without throwing any errors. I also see that ...
Why Does the FPGA DC and RMS Measurements VI Return Zero?
I am using the DC and RMS Measurements VI included with LabVIEW FPGA.  I used the configuration window to set the correct measurement time and sample rate.  However, the output is almost always zero.  ...
Why Do I Get Error -66205 When Using a C Series Module on a RIO Device?
I am using a property node for a C Series Module in a CompactRIO, Ethernet RIO or Ethercat, or R Series Expansion Chassis. Every time I execute the property node or IO node, it returns Error -66205, "The ...
Actual Excitation Voltage of NI 9237 Differs from Specified Voltage
When creating a DAQmx Task for Strain or Custom Voltage with Excitation with the NI 9237, the excitation voltage that I specified in the task is not the same as I measure across Ex+ and Ex-. For example, ...
LabVIEW Real-Time and USB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I want to use USB connectivity as part of my LabVIEW Real-Time Application. Are there any caveats or limitations I should be aware of?
How Can I Ensure that My CompactRIO Module Is Powered On?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document How Can I Ensure that My CompactRIO Module Is Powered On? Hardware: CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes) Problem: How do I make sure that my CompactRIO(cRIO) ...
Benefits of the NI 9237 for Bridge-Based Sensors
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Benefits of the NI 9237 for Bridge-Based Sensors Hardware: CompactDAQ>>Analog Input Modules>>NI 9237 Problem: What are the benefits of using the NI 9237 ...
Can I Control a USB Device with NI-VISA on a Real-Time Controller?
I have a Real-Time controller with a USB port and would like to use NI-VISA to control a USB device. Is this possible?
Unexpected Current Reading on the NI 9505
I am not seeing my expected current from the FPGA Current Sense I/O node during the low time of my PWM. Why can���t I read the current when the PWM is low?
Which SD Cards Can Be Used in the NI 9802?
I have the NI 9802 secure digital removable storage module for the CompactRIO. Can I use any SD card or do I have to use the NI-recommended industrial grade SD Card?  What sort of things should I be considering? ...
How Do I Use the NI 951x Drive Interface Modules in FPGA Mode?
Can I run the NI 951x drive interface modules in FPGA Interface Mode? What are the requirements to do so?
What C Series Modules Support Specialty Digital Functions in Scan Mode?
I would like to use one of the specialty digital functions available for C Series modules when configured for scan mode. What modules support these specialty digital functions?
Noisy Readings on the NI 9205
11 ratings:   4 out of 5      Rate this Document Noisy Readings on the NI 9205 Hardware: CompactDAQ>>Analog Input Modules>>NI 9205, CompactRIO>>Analog Input Modules>>NI 9205 Problem: I am seeing spikes ...
Noisy DC Power Can Cause Unpredictable CompactRIO Operation
My CompactRIO System is behaving in an unexpected manner. Sometimes it reboots randomly or even fails to boot at all. It is powered off a vehicle's power supply. What is happening?
Error -200077 During Bridge Configuration For the NI 9237
I receive Error -200077 when selecting No Bridge for my Custom Voltage with Excitation task with the NI 9237.

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