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What Is the Slew Rate For an NI-9264 Analog Output Module?
What is the slew rate for the NI-9264 analog output module?  The slew rate is listed in the NI-9263 manual, but no value is given in the NI-9264 manual.
How Do I Check the Status of the Relays on My NI 948x Compact DAQ Relay Module?
I am using an NI 948x relay module with Compact DAQ.  I know that I can use the DAQmx Write VI to open and close the relays but how can I check the status of the ...
Can I Use Different Sample Clocks for Correlated DI and DO?
On M-Series and CompactDAQ multifunction data acquisition boards, both Digital Input (DI) and Digital Output (DO) tasks can be correlated (clocked) by a desired ...
Why Am I Getting an Unexpected Reading With My NI 9211?
I am using a NI 9211 to read a thermocouple or other low-voltage signals.  My signal is within the ±80 mV specification of the NI 9211.  Why am I not reading the ...
Why Do I See Spurious Returns When Using Multiple Wait on IRQ Nodes on VxWorks Real Time Targets?
The NI-RIO 2.3 driver with LabVIEW 8.5 supports multiple Wait on IRQ nodes in a single VI. Unfortunately, I see spurious returns from the Wait on IRQ Method Node ...
Error C1010 When Building FPGA Interface C API Code
When trying to build a Microsoft Visual C++ host application for my LabVIEW FPGA VI, I get the following error: Fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking ...
List of Bug Fixes for NI RIO 2.1.1 and 2.1.3
What are the bugs fixed for NI RIO 2.1.1 and 2.1.3?
Why Does My CompactRIO Controller Not Appear in MAX after Installing NI-VISA 4.2 or Later?
I recently upgraded NI-VISA and can no longer discover my CompactRIO controller(s) in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). What could be the problem and how ...
Why do I Receive a Directory Full Error When Writing to my NI 9802 Module?
When writing to an SD card in NI 9802 module, I receive a directory full error even when I have not use up all 255 file directories.  Why do I receive a directory ...
Where can I find out what products need calibrating?
I have a National Instruments device and need to know whether I need to calibrate it or not. Where can I find this information?
Utilizing Features of the USB Port on my VxWorks Real-Time Controller
I am using a cRIO-901x, cRIO-902x, or a cFP-22xx controller that use the VxWorks operating system and I would like to use the USB port. What are the capabilities ...
Incorrect Analog Input Readings with Isolated CompactDAQ Modules
When I perform a differential analog input with an NI 9205 my readings jump from reading in the correct voltage to zero.  How do I fix this?
What is a Recommended Software Set?
I installed the latest Driver CD and the LabVIEW Real-Time Software Wizard is asking me to install recommended software sets. What are they, and why are some of ...
How Can I Develop a Serial Transceiver Board to Communicate With a sbRIO?
I am using a National Instruments (NI) Single-Board RIO (sbRIO) to develop a serial communication (RS-232) protocol for my external devices.  I would like to develop ...
Can I Connect to My Allen-Bradley PLC Without Using OPC Servers?
I have an Allen-Bradley PLC that I am trying to communicate with using my PC. However, I do not want to use OPC servers or the DSC module. Do I have other options ...
cRIO-900x Processor Change Notification FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions on the cRIO-9002 and cRIO-9004 Product Change Notification.
What Over Current Protection Does my NI 9403 Have?
When I tie several of my NI 9403 DO lines to ground, the module no longer functions. If I remove the shorts the module will then function as expected. Why does ...
CAD Drawings for CompactRIO Controllers, Modules and Accessories
Where can I find detailed CAD drawings for CompactRIO controllers, modules, chassis and accessories?
How Can I Deploy My Startup Application to a Non-Primary Hard Drive?
I have mounted a separate hard drive from a USB Key or SD card to my real time controller and would like to have my startup application run from this location instead ...
RJ50 Cable Color Code
I have a NI 9237 module and a RJ50 Cable with 10-pin modular plug to pigtail wires. How do I determine which pin of the 9237 corresponds to which color of the RJ50 ...
Using the SMB Connector for Digital I/O or Drift Compensation on cRIO-901x and 9074 Controllers
The Operating Instructions manual for cRIO-9012/9014/9074 controllers states the following: "The software that supports GPS drift-correction and other digital I/O ...
How Do I Configure My CompactRIO Real-Time Controllers to Synchronize to SNTP Servers?
How do I configure my CompactRIO Real-Time controllers to synchronize to SNTP servers?
Using the SMB Connector for Digital I/O or Drift Compensation on cRIO-901x and 9074 Controllers
The Operating Instructions manual for cRIO-9012/9014/9074 controllers states the following: "The software that supports GPS drift-correction and other digital I/O ...
Incorrect Initial Sample with NI 9211, NI 9217, or NI 9219 in NI CompactDAQ
When I perform a hardware-timed acquisition with an NI 9211, NI 9217, or NI 9219 in NI CompactDAQ, the first sample that I read is old/stale. The rest of the data ...
Error -200077 When Using an NI 9263 with Calibration Executive 3.2
When I attempt to calibrate an NI 9263 (cRIO/cDAQ module) with Calibration Executive 3.2 I receive error -200077.
Does the Update Speed Change Depending on the Number of C-Series Modules on the NI 9151?
The NI 9151 expansion chassis has 4 available slots. This chassis does inflict different speed limitations on several modules. The update rate of these modules per ...
Why Does my CompactRIO Controller Fail to Boot When it is Rapidly Reset?
I reset my controller by turning it on and off with a relay or other switching device.  After switching the power off and on rapidly, it fails to boot properly.  ...
Can I Programmatically Read the Power Source of a cRIO-900x?
Is it possible to programmatically get the numeric voltage level of the cRIO power supply from the controller directly without using any external wiring?
Allocating DMA Memory on cRIO Controllers with 128 MB DRAM Causes Controller to Crash
When I allocate memory for DMA on a CompactRIO controller with 128 MB of DRAM it causes my application to crash. Why does this occur and what can be done to fix ...
CompactDAQ NI 9219 Does Not Support Digital In or Open Contact Modes
Why does the NI 9219 not support Digital In or Open Contact modes when used in a CompactDAQ chassis but does support these modes when used in a CompactRIO chassis?

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