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Why Doesn't my C Series Module Work with the USB-9162, WLS-9163, or ENET-9163?
My customer is trying to use a C Series Module in a USB, Wireless, or Ethernet Carrier, but the device cannot be seen in MAX. Manually adding the Carrier in Network Devices produces an error. Why won't ...
How do I Use the NI 951x Motion Control Modules in Slots 5-8 (Non High Speed Interface Slots) of my CompactRIO Chassis?
The NI 951x modules must be connected to CompactRIO slots that support the high speed interface (HSI).  By default, only slots 1-4 support HSI.  If you have an 8 slot chassis, slots 5-8 will not work with ...
What is the Maximum Number of Samples for Finite Analog Output on the USB-9263?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document What is the Maximum Number of Samples for Finite Analog Output on the USB-9263? Hardware: CompactDAQ>>Analog Output Modules>>NI 9263 Problem: I would ...
Phase Mismatch between 9227 and 9225
I am measuring power quality by reading both voltage and current using the 9225 and 9227, respectively.  With a known source, I am seeing an additional phase mismatch above my expected value.  What is ...
Where Can I Find Dimensional Drawings for the NI-9234?
I am looking for the dimensional drawings or a CAD model of the NI-9234 card.  However, there is not link for Dimensional Drawings from the Product Page.  Where can I find them?
NI 9265 Gives Error 65542: Open Current Loop
I am running the NI 9265 Getting Started.lvproj example and am getting Error 65542 indicating that there is an open current loop. What does this mean and how can I fix it?
How Do I Select Configurations and Resistances of Strain Gauges in My FPGA VI for an NI 9237?
When using an NI 9237 module in an FPGA target, I don’t see a way to specify the resistance of my strain gauges or how to configure the module for quarter bridge measurement.
Why Do I Have to Set a Rate and Start My Acquisition When Using NI 923x Modules With a CompactRIO?
With most analog input modules, I can simply read analog inputs in my FPGA VI.  Why do I have to set a rate and start my acquisition when using the NI 9233, NI 9234, and NI 9237 modules in a CompactRIO? ...
How Do I Detect an Open Thermocouple Using the NI 9211?
5 ratings:   2.60 out of 5      Rate this Document How Do I Detect an Open Thermocouple Using the NI 9211? Hardware: CompactRIO>>Analog Input Modules>>NI 9211 Problem: Does the 9211 support open thermocouple ...
NI-RIO and LabVIEW Version Compatibility
14 ratings:   4.5 out of 5      Rate this Document NI-RIO and LabVIEW Version Compatibility Hardware: CompactRIO Problem: Which NI-RIO driver versions are compatible with my version of LabVIEW?  Solution: ...
Why is my RIO Device not Available in LabVIEW or Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?
When I try to view my RIO device in MAX or add it to the LabVIEW project, all I see is . Why isn't my RIO device showing up?
Channel Names Cause Incorrect Analog Output on NI USB DAQ Devices
I am generating a voltage on the analog output of my USB devices, such as the NI USB-6008/9 or a C Series device such as the NI USB-9263. If the channels in my task have a numeric value at the end of the ...
512 MB Compact Flash Product Notification FAQ
Information on the 512 MB Compact Flash Product NotificationOnly the following products shipped between December 1, 2006 and September 10, 2007 are affected: cRIO-9004 cFP-2020 - Only with 512 ...
Why Can't I See My CompactRIO I/O Modules in Measurement & Automation Explorer?
I am able to see my CompactRIO (cRIO) under Remote Systems in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).  However, when I expand Devices and Interfaces under the cRIO, I can't see my C Series I/O modules.  ...
How Do I Adjust Full Scale Current Output for the NI 9265 on Startup?
I have NI-DAQmx 8.6 installed and on startup my NI 9265 in a cDAQ chassis outputs full scale current (20mA). How can I fix this since the power up state of the card should be 0mA as written on the specification. ...
Proper Error Handling Use with the NI 9802
The error inputs and outputs are off by default on the NI 9802.  Should I use error handling with the NI 9802?
Does the 9205 Use the FPGA to Trigger or Does the Module Have Its Own Dedicated Trigger Circuitry?
The NI 9205 user manual states that the trigger line has a 100ns delay in its response, but what are the advantages of using this method over programming a trigger algorithm in FPGA code. Does the module ...
Why Do I See Voltage Offsets in NI 9237 Acquisitions When Connecting Additional Strain Sensors?
While measuring strain from a channel on the NI 9237, if an additional strain sensor is inserted into an available channel on the module it may cause other channels to see an offset. How can I correct ...
How Can I Compensate for Different Group Delays with C Series Modules in LabVIEW FPGA?
I'm acquiring data from a NI 9215 and NI 9229 in LabVIEW FPGA.  Synchronization between channels is important to my application. When I feed the same signal into both modules, I see a phase difference ...
Unexpected Delay When Using DAQmx Analog Start Trigger
When I use a DAQmx analog edge start trigger with an M Series DAQ device, my program appears to last 250-300ms longer than when I do not use an analog edge start trigger. Why is this happening, and is ...
Why Aren't the Modules in My NI 9151 Detected?
I added my NI 9151 R Series Expansion Chassis to my LabVIEW FPGA project.  When I choose to discover the C Series modules, none are found.  What could be the cause?
Why Does My CompactRIO Controller or Single-Board RIO Not Show Up in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?
I have a CompactRIO controller or a Single-Board RIO that I am attempting to configure in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX), however it is not showing up under Remote Devices. What are the possible ...
Metal and Paint Materials Used in CompactRIO Components
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Metal and Paint Materials Used in CompactRIO Components Hardware: CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes)>>cRIO-9102, CompactRIO>>Chassis (Backplanes)>>cRIO-9103, ...
Can I Interface with Two CompactRIO StarFabric Controllers Using a Single PXI-8310?
The PXI-8310 that is used to interface with the cRIO-9052 StarFabric controller has two channels for communication. Can I utilize both of these channels to simultaneously communicate with two 9052 controllers ...
Is There a Size Limitation for USB Devices That Are Supported on VxWorks CompactRIO Controllers or cFP-2220 Controllers?
I would like to know if there is a size limitation on the supported USB devices for VxWorks CompactRIO (cRIO) Controllers and cFP-2220 controllers?
Advantages of the NI 9237 Over the NI 9219 in Strain Measurements
I will be using CompactDAQ or CompactRIO to acquire data from a strain gauge.  My two options for modules are the NI 9237 bridge module and the NI 9219 universal analog input module.  What are the advantages ...
Is the NI 9481 Relay Module Normally Open or Normally Closed?
I have the NI 9481 4-Channel Relay and in the specifications it says the relay type is single pole single throw (SPST), however it does not specify if the relays are normally open or normally closed.
NI-9476 Digital Output Channel Cycles Off and On
I have my NI-9476 (Sourcing Digital Output Module) connected to a device such as solenoids, motors, actuators, relays or lamps. When I write a true value to my digital output, the channel toggles off and ...
Why is the Analog Sample Rate of the sbRIO-96xx Limited to 125 kS/s?
I built a simple application in LabVIEW FPGA using analog input of the sbRIO-96xx. I am only using one of the 32 channels to acquire a signal. In the specification of the sbRIO-96xx, the maximum sample ...
Can I Use the NI 9505 Module To Read From an Encoder Without a Motor Connected?
I am developing a motion control application using the NI 9505 motion control module and would like to read from an encoder without a motor connected. I am certain that my encoder is working and connected ...

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