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Why Do I Get a Memory Full Error When Deploying Code to My Real-Time Controller?
When deploying to my real-time controller, I get a Memory Full error. How can I reduce the memory usage on my Real-time controller, so that I can use more for my program?

Can I Access the Counter Output Signal with the NI 9481/9485?
The manual shows that the NI 9481/9485 modules have two counter outputs. Why am I not able to see a pulse train signal generated when I use these counter outputs?

How Can I Perform Pulse-Width Modulation Using the Scan Interface?
Is it possible to configure a C Series module, such as the NI-9401, to perform pulse width modulation (PWM) under the RIO Scan Interface?

Does the Update Speed Change Depending on the Number of C Series Modules on the NI 9151?
The NI 9151 expansion chassis has 4 available slots. This chassis does inflict different speed limitations on several modules. The update rate of these modules per channel are documented in KnowledgeBase ...

C Series Digital I/O Behavior on Loss of Ethernet, Wireless, or USB Connection
If my C Series Digital I/O device (NI-9401, NI-9472, NI-9481, etc.) loses connection with the host controller, what happens to the current output configuration?

How Does Automatic Network Configuration Work on cRIO-9073 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO Controllers?
21 ratings:   2.71 out of 5    How Does Automatic Network Configuration Work on cRIO-9073 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO Controllers? Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 1.0.1 Primary Software Fixed ...

Why Does My VxWorks Controller Boot Into Safe Mode Unexpectedly?
My cRIO controller fails to boot. After a couple of attempts, it boots into safe mode even with all of the software installed and dip switches set correctly. If I connect a console to the target's serial ...

How Can I Programmatically Determine Which Power Source is Active on a CompactRIO Controller?
6 ratings:   3.66 out of 5    How Can I Programmatically Determine Which Power Source is Active on a CompactRIO Controller? Hardware: CompactRIO>>Controllers Problem: How can I programmatically determine ...

Using Multiple Loops With The NI 9205/9206 Module
I have multiple loops in my FPGA VI which each access different channels of the NI 9205/9206 module. How can I ensure the maximum performance from the module in this configuration?

What is the Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) for cDAQ modules?
What is the effective number of bits (ENOB) for various cDAQ modules, such as the NI 9239 analog input C Series module and NI 9219 universal analog input?

Incorrect Conversion Time Using The NI 9205 Module
I have a CompactRIO which uses an NI 9205 module to sample analog voltages in FPGA interface mode. When I read a single channel with this module, I am able to achieve the minimum time between conversions ...

Why Can't I See My NI 9144 in MAX?
I have connected my NI 9144 8-slot EtherCAT Slave Chassis to my cRIO, why can't I see it in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?

Error -61141 When Opening Simultaneous References from RT Controller to FPGAs Placed on Local and Remote Chassis
I want to open an FPGA reference on my Real-Time controller to an FPGA placed on a remote CompactRIO chassis. I also want to open an FPGA reference to the FPGA on my local CompactRIO chassis. One of the ...

Can I Daisy Chain a NI cRIO-9074 with Another NI cRIO Real-Time Controller?
I have two CompactRIOs (one is a cRIO-9074) and I would like to access the I/O modules on the second controller from the 9074. How do I properly daisy chain a NI cRIO-9074 with another cRIO controller, ...

Can I Mount An SD Card In The NI 9802 Module In Real-Time And Also Access It In My FPGA VI?
I have an NI 9802 module and I have successfully mounted it in my real-time VI for file access. Can I also access the module from my FPGA VI at the same time using standard FPGA I/O methods?

Programming the FPGA on an NI EtherCAT Expansion Chassis
I have a CompactRIO chassis with a Real-Time controller and a NI 9144/5 EtherCAT Chassis.  I am using the FPGA on my CompactRIO but also want to use the FPGA on the NI 9144/5.  Can I do this?

cDAQ Module Shows as Unsupported Module in MAX with NI-DAQmx
I am using a CompactDAQ (cDAQ) backplane, chassis or controller with NI-DAQmx. My C Series module is detected as an Unsupported Module in my cDAQ chassis in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) or ...

Why Does my NI 9233/9234 Load Cell Signal Decay?
Why is my load cell connected to the NI 9233/9234 returning readings that delay exponentially, even though I am applying a constant force?

Timeout Error When Installing Software on CompactRIO
When I attempt to install software on my CompactRIO, the installation begins, but ends with a timeout error. What happened, and how can I fix it?

What NI Product Can I Use for Wireless DAQ in Class I Division 2 Hazardous, Explosive Environments?
I want to acquire data wirelessly in a gaseous, explosive environment.  The DAQ device must pass Class I Division 2 or Class I Zone 2 North American hazardous locations certifications.  Which NI product ...

Why Won't My VxWorks Controller Reboot or Ping Itself?
Why won't my VxWorks controller (such as a cRIO 9012) reboot itself with the RT Reboot Controller VI? Also, why won't my VxWorks controller detect itself on the network with the RT Ping Controller VI?

Can Switches, Hubs, or Routers Be Used with the NI 9144?
I know the NI 9144 can be daisy chained.  Can I use a switch with my NI 9144s instead to form a star topology?

What is the Maximum Number of NI 9144 Chassis That Can Be Daisy Chained Together?
I know the NI 9144 chassis can be used in a daisy chain, namely connecting multiple chassis in series through their ethernet ports.  Is there a limit to the amount that can be connected together?

How Do I Achieve the Maximum Update Rate for Multiple NI Scan Engine Channels on the NI 9205?
I added 16 NI 9205 analog input channels within a timed loop that's synchronized to the NI Scan Engine. When I set the Scan Period to 1ms, I found that every iteration of the loop finished late. How can ...

What Modules Are Onboard the Single Board RIO and How Do They Differ From C-Series Modules?
I know the sbRIO includes modules for different forms of input and output. How do these modules correlate to the different sbRIO models, and how do they differ from their c-series counterparts?

Does Upgrading LabVIEW Require Recompiling My FPGA Bitfile?
I've recently upgraded my LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time module, and LabVIEW FPGA module to a newer version.  Do I need to recompile my FPGA bitfile?

How do I Access LabVIEW or LabWindows™/CVI Examples for Specific NI Hardware?
I am using LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI with NI hardware. Where can I find example programs that are specific to my hardware?

How Can I Configure a Quarter Bridge to an NI 9944 or NI 9945 with an NI 9237 Module on a CompactRIO System?
I have physically connected a quarter bridge to either an NI 9944 or NI 9945 following the steps in White Paper: Configuring the NI 9944 or NI 9945 with the NI 9237. However, the reading is still inaccurate. ...

Cabling Clearances for C Series Modules
How much clearance do the different types of C Series module connectors require for cables and backshells?

How to Resolve Xilinx Compilation Error 91
I try to compile any LabVIEW FPGA code, and I always receive the following error during the compilation:   FATAL_ERROR: <name of library> - dll open of library failed due to an unknown reason. Process ...

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