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What Power Connectors should I buy for my CompactRIO?
I am looking for additional power supply connectors for my CompactRIO controller, what is the model name and part number of these connectors?

Phase Mismatch between 9227 and 9225
I am measuring power quality by reading both voltage and current using the 9225 and 9227, respectively.  With a known source, I am seeing an additional phase mismatch above my expected value.  What is ...

Is There a Tool for Monitoring Web Traffic When I Host My CompactRIO Application on a Webpage?
I have hosted my CompactRIO application on a webpage. Is there any tool I can use to monitor the web traffic, similar like the Remote Panel Connection Manager available for remote panel applications?

NI 9265 Gives Error 65542: Open Current Loop
I am running the NI 9265 Getting Started.lvproj example and am getting Error 65542 indicating that there is an open current loop. What does this mean and how can I fix it?

Why Do I Have to Set a Rate and Start My Acquisition When Using NI 923x Modules With a CompactRIO?
With most analog input modules, I can simply read analog inputs in my FPGA VI.  Why do I have to set a rate and start my acquisition when using the NI 9233, NI 9234, and NI 9237 modules in a CompactRIO? ...

Why Does the 9215 BNC IO Node Halt my Acquisition When Inserted in cRIO-9113 Chassis?
When I have a 9215 BNC module in cRIO-9113 Chassis, the AI acquisition node will halt the while loop and hang the acquisition. But it goes fine as long as 9215 BNC is taken away from the slot. And the ...

What Effect Does Switching Frequency Have on Acquisition?
The specified switching frequency of the NI 9401 is up to 30 MHz depending on the direction and number of channels in use. What does this mean for my application with the 9401?

Can I Use NI 9485 Channels In Parallel For Increased Switching Current?
I have an NI 9485 and need to switch more current than the per channel rating.  Since current divides evenly among equal resistances, can I use N channels in parallel for increased current handling?

Solid-State Drive Issue with cRIO-9014/9022/9024/9074 Controllers and NI-RIO 3.2.0 or Earlier
Some CompactRIO controllers have an issue that can cause the internal solid-state storage drive to stop responding after several million write cycles. If the internal solid-state storage drive stops responding, ...

Does the 9205 Use the FPGA to Trigger or Does the Module Have Its Own Dedicated Trigger Circuitry?
The NI 9205 user manual states that the trigger line has a 100ns delay in its response, but what are the advantages of using this method over programming a trigger algorithm in FPGA code. Does the module ...

Why Aren't the Modules in My NI 9151 Detected?
I added my NI 9151 R Series Expansion Chassis to my LabVIEW FPGA project.  When I choose to discover the C Series modules, none are found.  What could be the cause?

What Is the Slew Rate For an NI-9264 Analog Output Module?
What is the slew rate for the NI-9264 analog output module?  The slew rate is listed in the NI-9263 manual, but no value is given in the NI-9264 manual.

NI 9476 Digital Output Channel Cycles Off and On
I have my NI 9476 (Sourcing Digital Output Module) connected to a device such as solenoids, motors, actuators, relays or lamps. When I write a true value to my digital output, the channel toggles off and ...

Why is the Analog Sample Rate of the sbRIO-96xx Limited to 125 kS/s?
I built a simple application in LabVIEW FPGA using analog input of the sbRIO-96xx. I am only using one of the 32 channels to acquire a signal. In the specification of the sbRIO-96xx, the maximum sample ...

Can I Use the NI 9505 Module To Read From an Encoder Without a Motor Connected?
I am developing a motion control application using the NI 9505 motion control module and would like to read from an encoder without a motor connected. I am certain that my encoder is working and connected ...

Error C1010 When Building FPGA Interface C API Code
When trying to build a Microsoft Visual C++ host application for my LabVIEW FPGA VI, I get the following error: Fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header. Did you forget ...

How Can I Use Scan Engine and FPGA Simultaneously on a CompactRIO (Hybrid Mode)?
I want to use some of my C Series modules in Scan Interface and some in LabVIEW FPGA Interface. There is no explicit option to do this in the chassis properties. How can I set up my project to do this? ...

How Can I Develop a Serial Transceiver Board to Communicate With a sbRIO?
I am using a National Instruments (NI) Single-Board RIO (sbRIO) to develop a serial communication (RS-232) protocol for my external devices.  I would like to develop a custom transceiver circuit board ...

Can I Connect to My Allen-Bradley PLC Without Using OPC Servers?
I have an Allen-Bradley PLC that I am trying to communicate with using my PC. However, I do not want to use OPC servers or the DSC module. Do I have other options for connecting to my PLC?

What is the Correct Driver to Use With My NI 9213 Module?
6 ratings:   4.33 out of 5    What is the Correct Driver to Use With My NI 9213 Module? Hardware: CompactRIO>>Analog Input Modules>>NI 9213 Problem: What is the correct driver to use with my NI 9213 module? ...

How to Read the Internal Autozero Channel of an NI 9211 in CompactDAQ
I would like to check what the internal autozero channel is reading on my NI 9211 in CompactDAQ.  How can I accomplish this? 

How Can I Deploy My Startup Application to a Non-Primary Hard Drive?
I have mounted a separate hard drive from a USB Key or SD card to my real time controller and would like to have my startup application run from this location instead of my controller's local C:\ drive.  ...

RJ50 Cable Color Code
I have a NI 9237 module and a RJ50 Cable with 10-pin modular plug to pigtail wires. How do I determine which pin of the 9237 corresponds to which color of the RJ50 cable?

cRIO DE-15 Issue Can Cause an FPGA to Freeze or Lock
The Front Panel of my FPGA VI locks every time I try to access one of the modules.  There are no errors reported and the only way to unlock the Front Panel is to Abort the VI.  The VI runs without locking ...

How is it Possible to Use a Derived Clock Rate Higher than the Base Clock in LabVIEW FPGA?
I know that the Base Clock on my cRIO FPGA is 40MHz. What is happening when I create a derived clock that is higher than or a non-integer multiple of the Base Clock?

How Do I Reduce the OS and Driver Memory Footprint on My Real Time Controller?
My Real-Time controller (sbRIO, cRIO, or RT PXI device) has 64 MB of non-volatile memory and only about 21 MB of this is available for my program. The other 43 MB is used for the OS and drivers. How can ...

Can I Access the Counter Output Signal with the NI 9481/9485?
The manual shows that the NI 9481/9485 modules have two counter outputs. Why am I not able to see a pulse train signal generated when I use these counter outputs?

How Can I Perform Pulse-Width Modulation Using the Scan Interface?
Is it possible to configure a C Series module, such as the NI-9401, to perform pulse width modulation (PWM) under the RIO Scan Interface?

CompactRIO Controller Support for Drive Letter Access for the 9802 Module
I am trying to mount my SD card on the RT host, but I get the following error message:Support for Drive Letter access to NI 9802 Cards from cRIO-900x Controllers is not supportedWhich controllers support ...

Does the Update Speed Change Depending on the Number of C Series Modules on the NI 9151?
The NI 9151 expansion chassis has 4 available slots. This chassis does inflict different speed limitations on several modules. The update rate of these modules per channel are documented in KnowledgeBase ...

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