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Can I Connect to My Allen-Bradley PLC Without Using OPC Servers?
I have an Allen-Bradley PLC that I am trying to communicate with using my PC. However, I do not want to use OPC servers or the DSC module. Do I have other options for connecting to my PLC?
What is the Correct Driver to Use With My NI 9213 Module?
6 ratings:   4.33 out of 5    What is the Correct Driver to Use With My NI 9213 Module? Hardware: CompactRIO>>Analog Input Modules>>NI 9213 Problem: What is the correct driver to use with my NI 9213 module? ...
How to Read the Internal Autozero Channel of an NI 9211 in CompactDAQ
I would like to check what the internal autozero channel is reading on my NI 9211 in CompactDAQ.  How can I accomplish this? 
How Can I Deploy My Startup Application to a Non-Primary Hard Drive?
I have mounted a separate hard drive from a USB Key or SD card to my real time controller and would like to have my startup application run from this location instead of my controller's local C:\ drive.  ...
RJ50 Cable Color Code
I have a NI 9237 module and a RJ50 Cable with 10-pin modular plug to pigtail wires. How do I determine which pin of the 9237 corresponds to which color of the RJ50 cable?
cRIO DE-15 Issue Can Cause an FPGA to Freeze or Lock
The Front Panel of my FPGA VI locks every time I try to access one of the modules.  There are no errors reported and the only way to unlock the Front Panel is to Abort the VI.  The VI runs without locking ...
How is it Possible to Use a Derived Clock Rate Higher than the Base Clock in LabVIEW FPGA?
I know that the Base Clock on my cRIO FPGA is 40MHz. What is happening when I create a derived clock that is higher than or a non-integer multiple of the Base Clock?
How Do I Reduce the OS and Driver Memory Footprint on My Real Time Controller?
My Real-Time controller (sbRIO, cRIO, or RT PXI device) has 64 MB of non-volatile memory and only about 21 MB of this is available for my program. The other 43 MB is used for the OS and drivers. How can ...
Can I Access the Counter Output Signal with the NI 9481/9485?
The manual shows that the NI 9481/9485 modules have two counter outputs. Why am I not able to see a pulse train signal generated when I use these counter outputs?
How Can I Perform Pulse-Width Modulation Using the Scan Interface?
Is it possible to configure a C Series module, such as the NI-9401, to perform pulse width modulation (PWM) under the RIO Scan Interface?
CompactRIO Controller Support for Drive Letter Access for the 9802 Module
I am trying to mount my SD card on the RT host, but I get the following error message:Support for Drive Letter access to NI 9802 Cards from cRIO-900x Controllers is not supportedWhich controllers support ...
Does the Update Speed Change Depending on the Number of C Series Modules on the NI 9151?
The NI 9151 expansion chassis has 4 available slots. This chassis does inflict different speed limitations on several modules. The update rate of these modules per channel are documented in KnowledgeBase ...
C Series Digital I/O Behavior on Loss of Ethernet, Wireless, or USB Connection
If my C Series Digital I/O device (NI-9401, NI-9472, NI-9481, etc.) loses connection with the host controller, what happens to the current output configuration?
How Does Automatic Network Configuration Work on cRIO-9073 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO Controllers?
20 ratings:   2.79 out of 5    How Does Automatic Network Configuration Work on cRIO-9073 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO Controllers? Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 1.0.1 Primary Software Fixed ...
Why Does my CompactRIO Controller Fail to Boot When it is Rapidly Reset?
I reset my controller by turning it on and off with a relay or other switching device.  After switching the power off and on rapidly, it fails to boot properly.  Why does this happen and what can I do ...
Why Does My VxWorks Controller Boot Into Safe Mode Unexpectedly?
My cRIO controller fails to boot. After a couple of attempts, it boots into safe mode even with all of the software installed and dip switches set correctly. If I connect a console to the target's serial ...
How Can I Programmatically Determine Which Power Source is Active on a CompactRIO Controller?
4 ratings:   4.5 out of 5    How Can I Programmatically Determine Which Power Source is Active on a CompactRIO Controller? Hardware: CompactRIO>>Controllers Problem: How can I programmatically determine ...
Does the NI-RIO Additional Installer Include Full Driver Support?
I am trying to build an installer for my application and have included the NI-RIO drivers in the Additional Installers for my build. However, when I install my application, I am not able to see my CompactRIO ...
Connecting Strain Gauges and Shunt Resistors to the NI 9237
What external connections do I need to make in order to take readings from my strain gauge and perform shunt calibration?
Using Multiple Loops With The NI 9205/9206 Module
I have multiple loops in my FPGA VI which each access different channels of the NI 9205/9206 module. How can I ensure the maximum performance from the module in this configuration?
What is the Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) for cDAQ modules?
What is the effective number of bits (ENOB) for various cDAQ modules, such as the NI 9239 analog input C Series module and NI 9219 universal analog input?
Incorrect Conversion Time Using The NI 9205 Module
I have a CompactRIO which uses an NI 9205 module to sample analog voltages in FPGA interface mode. When I read a single channel with this module, I am able to achieve the minimum time between conversions ...
Why Can't I See My NI 9144 in MAX?
I have connected my NI 9144 8-slot EtherCAT Slave Chassis to my cRIO, why can't I see it in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?
Error -61141 When Opening Simultaneous References from RT Controller to FPGAs Placed on Local and Remote Chassis
I want to open an FPGA reference on my Real-Time controller to an FPGA placed on a remote CompactRIO chassis. I also want to open an FPGA reference to the FPGA on my local CompactRIO chassis. One of the ...
Can I Daisy Chain a NI cRIO-9074 with Another NI cRIO Real-Time Controller?
I have two CompactRIOs (one is a cRIO-9074) and I would like to access the I/O modules on the second controller from the 9074. How do I properly daisy chain a NI cRIO-9074 with another cRIO controller, ...
Can I Mount An SD Card In The NI 9802 Module In Real-Time And Also Access It In My FPGA VI?
I have an NI 9802 module and I have successfully mounted it in my real-time VI for file access. Can I also access the module from my FPGA VI at the same time using standard FPGA I/O methods?
Do I Need The FPGA Module To Use The NI 9802 Module In My CompactRIO?
I have an NI 9802 SD card module and would like to mount it as a drive in the CompactRIO’s Real-Time OS. Do I still need the FPGA module to achieve this?
Can I Program the FPGA on the NI 9144 EtherCAT Expansion Chassis?
I have a CompactRIO chassis with a Real-Time controller and a NI 9144 EtherCAT Chassis.  I am using the FPGA on my CompactRIO but also want to use the FPGA on the NI 9144.  Can I do this?
Why Does my NI 9233/9234 Load Cell Signal Decay?
Why is my load cell connected to the NI 9233/9234 returning readings that delay exponentially, even though I am applying a constant force?
Timeout Error When Installing Software on CompactRIO
When I attempt to install software on my CompactRIO, the installation begins, but ends with a timeout error. What happened, and how can I fix it?

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