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Error 10003 occurs when performing SCXI_SCAN_Config or SCXI_SCAN_Setup.
Why do I get error -10003 when I call SCXI_SCAN_Config or SCXI_SCAN_Setup with a call library function node?
Why is Auto-Zero Giving Inaccurate Readings With My SCXI Module?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Why is Auto-Zero Giving Inaccurate Readings With My SCXI Module? Hardware: SCXI>>Modules>>SCXI-1141, SCXI>>Modules>>SCXI-1142, SCXI>>Modules>>SCXI-1143, ...
Excessive Noise When Using Internal Excitation With The SCXI 1503?
I am using an SCXI 1503 and internal excitation and I am seeing excessive noise.  When I measure the incoming signal using a scope or different hardware, I do not see the same results.  What could be causing ...
How to Set Input Range When I Use an SCXI 1120 with a TBX 1327 Terminal Block
I have an SCXI 1120 module, and I want to acquire signal whose range is greater than 5 V. That's why I'm using a terminal block (a TBX 1327), but I don't know how to configure gain and attenuation.
Incorrect Thermocouple Measurements at Low Temperatures Using NI-DAQmx, NI-DAQmx Base, or LabVIEW
My thermocouple readings are inaccurate when they drop below a certain temperature. A B-type thermocouple should support a minimum temperature of 0 degrees C, but I see inaccurate measurements when the ...
PXI M Series That Can Be Used to Control SCXI in a PXI/SCXI Combo Chassis
3 ratings:   4.33 out of 5      Rate this Document PXI M Series That Can Be Used to Control SCXI in a PXI/SCXI Combo Chassis Hardware: SCXI>>Chassis>>PXI-1050, SCXI>>Chassis>>PXI-1052 Problem: Which PXI ...
Monitoring the Voltage on a PXI Chassis
2 ratings:   3.5 out of 5      Rate this Document Monitoring the Voltage on a PXI Chassis Hardware: SCXI>>Chassis>>PXI-1052, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1042, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1042Q, ...
Inconsistent Temperature Readings Between Multiple Channels In NI-DAQmx Tasks
I created a DAQmx Temperature task to take readings from multiple thermocouple channels. On the Thermocouple Setup screen, I set the Thermocouple Type according to my sensor, as seen in the following ...
SCXI Module Connected to an SCXI-1600 Rails Using Test Panels in Measurement & Automation Explorer
I have a module that I am digitizing with an SCXI-1600, but when I go into Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and run a test panel, the readings rail at one of the voltage extremes. I'm sure everything ...
Why is My SCXI Returning Values of NaN When I Try to Use Internal Excitation?
When I set up a task that uses internal excitation with my SCXI 1503, it returns NaN instead of actual readings.  I noticed that if I switch to external excitation, I get correct readings.  How do I fix ...
Using Simultaneous Sample and Hold SCXI Modules with an S Series Device
Is it possible to use a simultaneous sample and hold (SS/H) SCXI module (such as the SCXI-1140, SCXI-1520, SCXI-1530, or SCXI-1531) with a simultaneous sampling S Series device? Do I have to disable the ...
Windows Vista and Windows 7 DAQPad/DAQCard Support
I have a National Instruments DAQPad/Card that worked fine previously, but doesn't function properly in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Why?
Available Channels on a Front Connector of DAQ Device Controlling the SCXI portion of PXI/SCXI Combo Chassis
I have a PXI/SCXI Combo Chassis (ie. the PXI-1050) and I am using an M or E Series PXI card to control the SCXI modules in the chassis. Am I able to input and output signals from the front of that controlling ...
Error -200077 When Performing a Calibration in LabVIEW or Measurement & Automation Explorer
When I try to setup a task in LabVIEW or Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) with a custom calibration I receive Error -200077: Requested value is not supported for this property. What does this error ...
RTD or Thermistor Measurements with the SCXI-1303 Terminal Block
How do I set up and perform RTD or Thermistor measurements with the SCXI-1102 module and SCXI-1303 terminal block?
SCXI-1520 Hardware Offset Nulling Fails with 'out of range' Error
I tried to use the offset nulling feature of my SCXI-1520, but it fails with an error that says the measurement is too far out of range. How else can I null my measurement offset?
How do I Determine the Sampling Rate of a SCXI-1520 Module?
1 ratings:   4 out of 5      Rate this Document How do I Determine the Sampling Rate of a SCXI-1520 Module? Hardware: SCXI>>Modules>>SCXI-1520 Problem: I am using a SCXI-1520 module, at what rates can ...
How Can I Achieve Full Accuracy With My SCXI-1141/2/3 Module?
I want to maximize the accuracy of my SCXI-1141/2/3 module? In the specifications for the module, next to the offset error it says that it can be calibrated out, so how can I calibrate out my offset error? ...
Error -89120 When Synchronizing Two SCXI-1520s with an S-Series Board in Parallel Mode
I want to synchronize two SCXI-1520 in parallel mode with each connected to an S Series DAQ device. I am using the shipping example Example Multi-Device Synch-Analog Input-Cont  and have ...
What Does the LED on the Front of my SCXI Chassis Indicate?
I have an SCXI Chassis and want to know what the LED on the front near the power button means. Does it indicate that the chassis has power or that a certain power rail is working?
What National Instruments Products Support Current Input?
I need to measure a current; what products does National Instruments make that will let me read current?
Archived: Setting the Auto Zero Mode of an SCXI Module in Traditional DAQ
I am trying to set the auto zero mode of my SCXI module in Measurement and Automation Explorer, but cannot find this setting. I am able to find the setting for my global channel in MAX when using DAQmx, ...
Why Am I Getting Error -200077 (0xFFFCF273) During Thermocouple Measurements with SCB-68 or SCXI?
Why does a DAQ device with the SCB-68 or SCXI-1102 for thermocouple measurements with built-in CJC compensation yield Error -200077?
What is the Pinout of a 50 Pin Connector?
12 ratings:   3.66 out of 5      Rate this Document What is the Pinout of a 50 Pin Connector? Hardware: SCXI, Multifunction DAQ (MIO) Problem: What pins in the 50 Pin Connector map to the pin numbers found ...
How Do I Enable the Shunt Resistor of the SCXI-1520 Module?
The SCXI-1520 module has two independent shunt calibration circuits, each with a resistor in series with a switch. When the switch is closed, a socketed shunt calibration resistor in the SCXI-1314 connects ...
Are the Shunt Resistors on the SCXI-1308 Considered Internal or External When Configuring a MAX Task?
I want to set up a current measurement task in MAX with the SCXI-1102 using the shunt resistors on the SCXI-1308, but I need to know if the shunt resistors are considered internal or external. Where can ...
What Does 'Standby' Mean on a PXI Chassis Power Switch?
2 ratings:   5 out of 5      Rate this Document What Does "Standby" Mean on a PXI Chassis Power Switch? Hardware: PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1000, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1000B, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1002, ...
What is the Daisy Chain Index?
When I daisy chain multiple SCXI chassis, I am required to select a different address for each chassis as well as a daisy chain index. What's the difference?
Is There a DIN Rail-Mountable Terminal Block for the SCXI Modules?
I have a rack of SCXI chassis that I am using for many tests. Instead of changing the wiring on an SCXI terminal block, I would like to have a DIN rail-mountable terminal block that allows me to change ...
SCXI Chassis Need to Have Different Addresses Even when Controlled by Different Controllers
I have two executables using NI-SWITCH that initialize different switch modules in two different SCXI chassis. They are controlled with different MIO boards. I get an error when trying to run the 2 executables ...

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