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Which Strain Gauge Modules Support Custom Shunt Calibration Values?
National Instruments' strain gauge module 1521x has a shunt resistance of 100 kΩ, is there anyway of changing this value?
Warranty Information for National Instruments Hardware
I am looking for warranty information for my NI hardware. Where can I find it?
Testing Your SCXI-1200 System
How do I install, configure, and test my SCXI-1200?
Why Do I Get Error -200077 When Trying to Configure My SCXI-1120/D?
I have a SCXI-1120/D connected to an M-Series card. When I try to acquire data in a Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Test Panel, I receive the following ...
Using the USB-1359 or SCXI-1359 Backplane Adapter
I am using NI 1359 modules but they are not being detected. Am I connecting my hardware correctly?
Wiring Transducers or Sensors Requiring External Excitation
How do I wire a transducer or sensor requiring an external excitation source?
NI Switches and AC Wall Power Compatibility
Which NI Switches can be used to switch AC wall power? I tried using the SCXI 1166 to switch wall power, but it didn't operate as expected.
Hardware Configuration of a RS-232/RS-485 SCXI System
What are the necessary hardware configurations to consider when setting up a Remote SCXI system?
Configuring a RS-232/RS-485 SCXI System
What steps should I take to setup up and run my remote SCXI system?
Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) Document Includes Incorrect Units for SCXI-1124 Current Calibration
The Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) Function Reference Manual indicates that current measurements for SCXI-1124 current calibration should be entered in amps. However, ...
Error 10003 occurs when performing SCXI_SCAN_Config or SCXI_SCAN_Setup.
Why do I get error -10003 when I call SCXI_SCAN_Config or SCXI_SCAN_Setup with a call library function node?
Why Do I Receive Error -200619 When Trying To Acquire Data With Multiple SCXI Modules?
I am trying to acquire data with multiple National Instruments Data Acquisition cards and multiple SCXI modules in a single chassis.I have connected each card to ...
Why is Auto-Zero Giving Inaccurate Readings With My SCXI Module?
Why is auto-zero Giving Inaccurate Readings With My SCXI Module?
SCXI Quick Start Guide Reference
I am looking for cable assemblies, terminal blocks and other accessories for my SCXI system. Where can I find this information?
Troubleshooting SCXI-1200 Configuration Problems
My SCXI-1200 fails the resource test in MAX or my SCXI chassis fails to verify.
Voltage Signals Merging Together
Why are my voltage signals merged together when using the SCXI-1100?
How do I Transfer Tasks, Virtual Channels, and Custom Scales to Another Computer?
I have created several tasks, virtual channels, and custom scales that are specific to a LabVIEW program that I would like to move to another computer. How can I ...
Error -201057 When Referencing PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis in nidaqmxconfig Configuration File
Why do I receive error -201057 when trying to reference a PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis as an SCXI chassis within a custom nidaqmxconfig Configuration File?
Testing the Configuration of a RS-232/RS-485 SCXI System
What are the necessary software configurations to consider when setting up a Remote SCXI system?
Incorrect Thermocouple Measurements at Low Temperatures Using NI-DAQmx, NI-DAQmx Base, or LabVIEW
My thermocouple readings are inaccurate when they drop below a certain temperature. A B-type thermocouple should support a minimum temperature of 0 degrees C, but ...
PXI M Series That Can Be Used to Control SCXI in a PXI/SCXI Combo Chassis
Which PXI M Series devices can be used to control the SCXI side of a PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis?
Measuring Current With the SCXI-1122
I have a SCXI-1122 and would like to measure current. Is it possible with my SCXI-1122 module, and if so, how do I do it?
Monitoring the Voltage on a PXI Chassis
How do I remotely monitor the voltage on the backplane of a PXI Chassis?
Inconsistent Temperature Readings Between Multiple Channels In NI-DAQmx Tasks
I created a DAQmx Temperature task to take readings from multiple thermocouple channels. On the Thermocouple Setup screen, I set the Thermocouple Type according ...
SCXI Module Connected to an SCXI-1600 Rails Using Test Panels in Measurement & Automation Explorer
I have a module that I am digitizing with an SCXI-1600, but when I go into Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and run a test panel, the readings rail at one ...
Using Simultaneous Sample and Hold SCXI Modules with an S Series Device
Is it possible to use a simultaneous sample and hold (SS/H) SCXI module (such as the SCXI-1140, SCXI-1520, SCXI-1530, or SCXI-1531) with a simultaneous sampling ...
Using Simultaneous Sample and Hold SCXI Modules with an S Series Device
Is it possible to use a simultaneous sample and hold (S/H) SCXI module (such as the SCXI-1140, 1520, 1530, or 1531) with a simultaneous sampling S Series device? ...
Available Channels on a Front Connector of DAQ Device Controlling the SCXI portion of PXI/SCXI Combo Chassis
I have a PXI/SCXI Combo Chassis (ie. the PXI-1050) and I am using an M or E Series PXI card to control the SCXI modules in the chassis. Am I able to input and output ...
Error -200077 When Performing a Calibration in LabVIEW or Measurement & Automation Explorer
When I try to setup a task in LabVIEW or Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) with a custom calibration I receive Error -200077: Requested value is not supported ...
Can I Disable the SCXI 1112 and 1102 Filters?
I would like to disable the 2 Hz lowpass filters in my SCXI 1112 or SCXI 1102 module. Is this possible?

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