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What is the Pinout of a 50 Pin Connector?
12 ratings:   3.66 out of 5      Rate this Document What is the Pinout of a 50 Pin Connector? Hardware: SCXI, Multifunction DAQ (MIO) Problem: What pins in the 50 Pin Connector map to the pin numbers found ...
How Do I Enable the Shunt Resistor of the SCXI-1520 Module?
The SCXI-1520 module has two independent shunt calibration circuits, each with a resistor in series with a switch. When the switch is closed, a socketed shunt calibration resistor in the SCXI-1314 connects ...
Are the Shunt Resistors on the SCXI-1308 Considered Internal or External When Configuring a MAX Task?
I want to set up a current measurement task in MAX with the SCXI-1102 using the shunt resistors on the SCXI-1308, but I need to know if the shunt resistors are considered internal or external. Where can ...
What Does 'Standby' Mean on a PXI Chassis Power Switch?
2 ratings:   5 out of 5      Rate this Document What Does "Standby" Mean on a PXI Chassis Power Switch? Hardware: PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1000, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1000B, PXI/CompactPCI>>Chassis>>PXI-1002, ...
What is the Daisy Chain Index?
When I daisy chain multiple SCXI chassis, I am required to select a different address for each chassis as well as a daisy chain index. What's the difference?
Is There a DIN Rail-Mountable Terminal Block for the SCXI Modules?
I have a rack of SCXI chassis that I am using for many tests. Instead of changing the wiring on an SCXI terminal block, I would like to have a DIN rail-mountable terminal block that allows me to change ...
How Can I Monitor The Power Status of My SCXI Chassis Programmatically?
I'm in an environment in which the power to my SCXI Chassis may be intermittent. How can I monitor the power of the SCXI Chassis programmatically?
SCXI Chassis Need to Have Different Addresses Even when Controlled by Different Controllers
I have two executables using NI-SWITCH that initialize different switch modules in two different SCXI chassis. They are controlled with different MIO boards. I get an error when trying to run the 2 executables ...
What Digital Lines are Reserved by SCXI when Connected in Parallel Mode?
I want to use the digital and PFI lines of my DAQ board while it is connected to an SCXI module in parallel mode. Can I do this with the SCXI-1180 feedthrough panel?
Using a Custom Terminal Block or Cable with a SCXI 1127/1128 Switch Module
I'm using an SCXI 1127/1128 with a custom terminal block or cable instead of the 1331 terminal block. Why am I not able to route signals through the switch?
How Can I Modify the Properties For SCXI 1530/1531?
I have installed the SCXI 1530/1531 on an SCXI 1000 Chassis. Under MAX when I right click on the device to go to properties, it is grayed out. How can I change the properties of the SCXI 1531/1530? Is ...
Why is the Gain Incorrect When I Am Using a SCXI-1121 Module with a 1327 Connector Block?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Why is the Gain Incorrect When I Am Using a SCXI-1121 Module with a 1327 Connector Block? Hardware: SCXI>>Terminal Blocks>>SCXI-1327 Problem: Why is ...
Thermocouple Temperature Reading Drops When Measuring Higher Temperatures
I created a task in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to measure temperature using thermocouples. In the test panel, it reads the room temperature correctly, but when I put the thermocouple into ...
Why Can't I Reset the Excitation Voltage of my SCXI-1520 After I Power Cycle It?
I am running a SCXI-1000 chassis with a SCXI-1520 strain gague module. I can run my LabVIEW program that sets up the DAQmx virtual channel and set the excitation voltage to 5 volts. After power cycling ...
How do I Measure the Dynamic Resistance of the Strain Gauge?
I have a strain gauge setup and I would like to measure the dynamic resistance of my strain gauge resistor. Is there any way in which I can do that in LabVIEW?
How Do I Measure the Dynamic Resistance of the Strain Gauge?
I have a Strain Gauge setup and I would like to measure the dynamic resistance of my Strain Gauge resistor. Is there any way in which I can do that in LabVIEW?
Simultaneous Sampling With Four 3-Wire Pressure Transducers Connected to the SCXI-1314
I have four 3 wire pressure transducers, and I need to connect them to the SCXI-1314 connector block in order to perform pressure measurements. I looked into the manual for SCXI-1520, and I was confused ...
How Can I Retrieve an SCXI Module's Calibration Constants?
I want to get or view the calibration constants stored on the EEPROM of my SCXI device. I have confirmed through my SCXI device's manual that it does in fact store calibration constants on its EEPROM. ...
SCXI-1520: Manual Calibration and the Onboard Calibration Source
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document SCXI-1520: Manual Calibration and the Onboard Calibration Source Hardware: SCXI>>Modules>>SCXI-1520 Problem: How do manual calibration and onboard calibration ...
Which Wire Maps to Which Pin on the R6868 Ribbon Cable?
21 ratings:   3.57 out of 5      Rate this Document Which Wire Maps to Which Pin on the R6868 Ribbon Cable? Hardware: SCXI, Digital I/O (DIO), Multifunction DAQ (MIO), Legacy DAQ Devices, Signal Sources ...
Potential Analog Input Offset Using an Externally Powered Pressure Transducer in an SCXI System
I am using an SCXI system for analog input (for example an SCXI-1100 with an SCXI-1300 terminal block) and measuring voltage from a pressure transducer that requires an external power source. Why do I ...
Compatibility Between Old and New PXI Chassis Rack Mount Kits
I recently upgraded from an older PXI chassis to a newer design with the same slot count. Will my rack mount kit from the old chassis work with my new PXI chassis?
What Are The Pinouts of the SCXI-1180?
The SCXI-1180 manual does not list the pinouts for the module, and I'd like to know where to connect wires on my SCXI-1302 terminal block.
Can I Use an Ethernet Cable To Connect My TEDS Sensors To the SCXI-1314T?
I have Class 2 TEDS sensors that I would like to connect to my SCXI-1314T. Can I use RJ-45 ethernet cabling instead of the recommended RJ-50 cabling?
Which Low-Cost Boards Can I Use to Control the BNC-2096?
Class 1 TEDS sensors such as accelerometers require a switching circuit like the BNC-2096 TEDS Interface Accessory. I already have a DAQ board to acquire analog data from my transducer. Now I need another ...
Why is My SCXI-1160/1161 Switch Modules Not Detected in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?
I have cabled my SCXI-1160 to a PCI-4021 switch controller via the SCXI-1362 cable assembly kit. However, Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) does not detect my SCXI-1160 or any of the other devices ...
Materials to Make a RJ50/10P10C Cable Assembly
I am attempting to create a RJ50/10P10C cable assembly that requires a shielded cable with five twisted pairs and plugs that have ten conductors. Where do I find these components?
How to Output Greater Than 20 mA with a SCXI 1124
I am using a SCXI 1124 module with a SCXI 1325 terminal block. The SCXI 1124 is capable of outputting current between 0 and 20 mA, according to the specifications in the User's Manual. Is there any way ...
Can I Use the SCXI-1352 R1650 Cable to Cascade the SCXI-1520 with the SCXI-1143?
I want to use the filtering capabilities of the SCXI-1143 in conjunction with the strain gauge signal conditioning of the SCXI-1520. Can I do this using the SCXI-1352 with the cascading R1650 cable adapter ...
Out of Range Readings When Using the SCXI-1520 with Quarter Bridge Strain Gauges.
  Why do I get out of range readings from my Quarter Bridge Strain Gauge? I am using a Quarter Bridge I Strain Gauge and I have made the physical connections needed for this configuration but every time ...

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