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LabVIEW Crashes When Creating a TestStand Deployment with VIs that Call DLLs with the Same Name
When I create a TestStand Deployment containing LabVIEW VIs that use DLLs with the same name but different paths, this causes LabVIEW to crash. How can I avoid this?
How Do I Specify a Particular Process Model for a Specific Sequence File?
I have several TestStand sequences and I want to run some of the sequences using the default Sequential Process Model and others using a different process model. How do I specify different process models ...
What is National Instruments' Policy on Run-Time / Deployment License Upgrades?
I am interested in upgrading my National Instruments software deployment license covering software that has been deployed on one or more target machines.  What is National Instruments' policy on software deployment ...
How to Dynamically Change the Report Directory in TestStand
How can I dynamically change the report directory in TestStand depending on which client sequence file is currently executing (or depending on the value of any variable)?
Which National Instruments Software Products Require Deployment Licenses?
I am bundling NI Software in an installer for my application.  What NI Software requires a license on the target computer?
Currently Supported Versions of National Instruments Software
I would like to know if the version of National Instruments Software that I own is still supported by National Instruments technical support resources. Is there a document that lists this information?
Which National Instruments Software Products Require Deployment Licenses?
I am bundling NI Software in an installer for my application.  What NI Software requires a license on the target computer?
Error When Loading Step In TestStand: LoadTarget_VI.llb Used In Remote Calling Is Not Up To Date
When attempting to run a sequence that calls a VI on a remote computer, I receive the following error:
How do I Programmatically Insert a Custom Step Type into a TestStand Sequence Using the OnNewStep Custom Substep?
I need to programmatically insert a custom step type into a sequence using the OnNewStep custom substep. If I manually drag and drop the custom step type from the Insertion Palette, a new custom step is ...
Archived: Error Installing TestStand 2.x on a Machine with LabWindows™/CVI 8.1 Runtime Engine
I am trying to install TestStand version 2.x on my machine. When I run the installer I get the following error. A component setup has exited before completing. Do you want to continue TestStand installation? ...
Resetting Type Versions within TestStand
I opened a sequence file (from another computer), and TestStand prompted me to save several type palette files when I closed the program. I did not change anything in the sequence file, and it has not ...
Transferring a TestStand Deployment License to Another Computer
I have a TestStand Deployment License installed on one of my machines. I have decided to stop using this machine as a deployment machine and would like to use another machine instead. How can I transfer ...
Using the TestStand Seconds Function or Wait Step May Result in Incorrect Elapsed Time
The elapsed time calculated from the TestStand Seconds(True) function does not return the expected value in my sequence. Instead, it is returning an elapsed time that increases at a slower rate than the ...
Unpredictable Switch Behaviour When Using the Switching Property Page in TestStand
I am using the Switching property page on my TestStand steps to connect/disconnect pre-defined switch configurations at the appropriate time. It appears like at certain steps the routes will connect/disconnect ...
How Can I Change the Location of My TestStand Report Based on the Test Result?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document How Can I Change the Location of My TestStand Report Based on the Test Result? Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 4.2 Primary Software Fixed ...
Programmatically Enabling RecordResult Option for a Step
1 ratings:   5 out of 5      Rate this Document Programmatically Enabling RecordResult Option for a Step Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 4.0 Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A Secondary Software: ...
How does Visual C++ 6.0 Handle ActiveX String Types from the TestStand API?
I am trying to use functions from the TestStand API, but I can not figure out how to declare the appropriate string. The compiler says that it needs a short** but that does not correspond to a string ...
Why do I receive Error Code: -17709 when calling a LabWindows™/CVI Code Module from TestStand?
I have configured a step that uses the LabWindows/CVI Adapter to call a function in a LabWindows/CVI compiled .obj or .lib code module and when I attempt to execute my sequence, I receive the following ...
Signing Up For National Instruments Software Beta Testing
I am interested in beta testing the next release of National Instruments software. Is this possible?
How do I Force the LabVIEW Operator Interface to Not Load Any Sequence Files When Executed?
When I execute my LabVIEW Operator Interface there are sequence files loaded already. Why are they loading and how do I stop these sequence files from loading?
Why Does the LabVIEW Express VI Code Module Called From my TestStand Sequence Error if I Copy my Sequence to Another Machine?
I have a TestStand sequence that calls a LabVIEW Express VI code module. I am able to successfully execute this sequence on my development machine. I have copied my sequence to another machine that does ...
Can I View My Sequence Files on a Machine Without TestStand Installed?
I would like to view a sequence file, but I do not have access to a TestStand license.  Is there a sequence file viewer available?
Calling LabVIEW FPGA VIs From TestStand
I have created a project using LabVIEW FPGA that contains a Host VI and a FPGA VI. When I attempt to call the Host VI in TestStand, the step says the VI is broken. How can I resolve this and call my FPGA ...
How Do I Clear All Elements of an Array in TestStand?
I have an array stored as a local variable in TestStand.  I would like to delete all elements from this array during execution.  How can I accomplish this?
Where Can I Find Visual Studio 2003 Examples of TestStand Operator Interfaces?
In the past TestStand has shipped Visual Studio 2003 examples of the TestStand 3.5 .NET Simple and Full-Featured Operator Interfaces.  Where can I find the source code for these operator interfaces online? ...
Opening a TestStand XML Report in Excel or Word 2007
Note: These instructions are for Microsoft Excel 2007. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2003, then please refer to the instructions in KnowledgeBase 4N1MUUU0: How to Import a TestStand XML Report into ...
Why Does TestStand Crash After I Close My Workspace File?
I am using Perforce as my source code control provider with TestStand and TestStand intermittently crashes after I close a workspace file. Why is TestStand crashing and how can I prevent this crash from ...
How Do I Call a LabVIEW VI That Contains Shared Variables From TestStand
I have built a project in LabVIEW that contains shared variables. My VIs are referencing these shared variables. When I call these VIs from TestStand my shared variables do not update correctly. What ...
Visual Studio 2005 Support in TestStand 3.5
When I try to click the Source Code tab in the Specify Module dialog box for a .NET step type in TestStand I get an error saying I need to have Measurement Studio 7.1, or later, and Visual Studio 2003 ...
Why Can't I Return a Value From My .NET Code Module to an Array in TestStand?
I am calling a .NET assembly as a code module in the course of my test sequence.  When I specify a TestStand array variable to retain the return value from this code module, I receive the following error:An ...

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