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How Can I Include the LabVIEW 7.0 Run-Time Engine When Deploying a TestStand 3.0 System?
When deploying my TestStand system, I can choose to create an installer with the TestStand 3.0 Engine. In the Engine Options dialog box, there is an option to include ...
How Can I Programmatically Query the Sequence File Version From My TestStand Sequence?
I would like to obtain the sequence file version of the sequence that I am currently executing. Is there a way to obtain this information at execution time?
How Do I Copy My Custom Database Schemas from One Station to Another?
I've created a custom schema that handles special data entry into my database. I would like to take the custom schema to other computers for testing or deployment. ...
In TestStand, Can I Connect a CommandKind to a Toolbar Button or Menu Item?
I would like to use a toolbar button, menu item, or a native ADE (LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI) button to execute a specific TestStand Command in my user interface. Is ...
Connecting/Disconnecting Multiple Routes or Route Groups from One Step in TestStand 3.1
I am using National Instruments Switch Executive with TestStand 3.1. Is there a way to connect or disconnect multiple routes or route groups from within one single ...
TestStand Base Deployment License Upgrades
I purchased multiple TestStand Base Deployment Licenses with and old version of TestStand and recently upgraded to the newest version of TestStand. Do I have to ...
How do I Access a TestStand Sequence Through a Custom Tool?
I am creating a custom tool in TestStand. I want to be able to have access to the current sequence that is loaded in TestStand, but when I use the TestStand Sequence ...
What Is the Order of Actions that a Step Performs Within a TestStand Sequence?
What is the order of actions that a step performs within a TestStand sequence?
How Can I Get the Name of the SequenceCall Step Launching a Sequence in a New Thread?
I have a SequenceCall step in my MainSequence calling "MySequence1" sequence in a new thread. I try to access the name of the SequenceCall step from within a step ...
How Do I Add Menu Items in TestStand?
I want to add menu items to my TestStand Operator Interface. How can I do this?
On The Fly Reports Example Throws an Error when Launching a Sequence in a New Thread
I am using the "On the fly reports" example that ships with TestStand. When I call a sequence in a new thread and I select anything other than "All Results" in the ...
Error -17304 Occurs When Running One of the Property Loader Examples in TestStand 2012
When running the Property Loader example "Loading Properties for Multiple Sequences from a Client Sequence File" in TestStand 2012, I receive the following error:Details: ...
New Sequence Adapter COM Multithreading Setting in TestStand 3.0
In TestStand 2.0.x and earlier I had to create a wrapper .dll to call my code that displayed a dialog with ActiveX controls on it. Do I still have to do this in ...
New String Manipulation Functions in TestStand 3.0
How can I change the case of every character in a string value to upper or lower case in TestStand?
New Numeric Math Functions in TestStand 3.0
In TestStand 2.0.x I could only do simple calculations, how can I perform advanced math calculations using TestStand expressions in 3.0.x?
On-The-Fly Reporting and Logging in TestStand
I do not want to log my report information at the end of the sequence. Is there a way to do on-the-fly reporting and logging in TestStand?
How Can I Instruct Another Installer to Launch Automatically After I Run an Installer Created by the TestStand Deployment Utility?
How Can I Instruct Another Installer to Launch Automatically After I Run an Installer Created by the TestStand Deployment Utility?
Return Values for Functions Called by NI TestStand™
What are the accepted return values available for functions in my DLL or .C file when I'm creating code modules for NI TestStand™?
TestStand Licensing for Deployment
I am building TestStand sequences that call code written in LabVIEW and/or LabWindows™/CVI. I plan to distribute my TestStand application to various test machines. ...
How Can I Have My TestStand Message Popup Stay Always On Top (Floating)?
I have a Message Popup step in my sequence and I need it to stay on top of all other windows. However, I do not want to make it modal since I still want to be able ...
What Does the Status Text Report Color Setting Affect?
I am editing my Report Color options, and in the Select Report Options Dialog there are choices for the status text colors (for example, 'Terminated' Text, 'Failed' ...
How Can I Make the TestStand Message Popup Step Type Use Different Colors or Fonts?
I would like to use the TestStand Message Popup Step Type. However, I would like to change the font or the color of the dialog. How can I do this?
What are the Different Levels For Which I Can Disable Result Recording?
Sometimes I want to disable result recording for a step, a sequence, or the entire test station. Are there options to disable result recording for each of these ...
Is it Possible to Check the Status of the Current Execution?
I would like to detect how my test ended so I can implement some logic before exiting my test.  Is it possible to check the execution status of my current execution ...
Why are TestStand Reports Generated by the Offline Results Processing Utility Behaving Unexpectedy?
Whenever I try to work with report files created by the offline results processing utility, I am seeing unxpected behavior.  Why are these reports causing problems?
Why are Some Step Property Fields Grayed Out?
I am using the standard TestStand step types. When I right-click on of the steps and choose Properties, certain fields are grayed out. Different fields are grayed ...
Cannot Change the Type Version of Some TestStand Types
I am trying to change the type version of some built-in types (e.g. UUT data type, PassFailTest step type). I enabled "Allow Editing of NI Installed Types" in the ...
Order of Installation for Multiple National Instruments Hardware and Software Products
I have just purchased multiple National Instruments hardware and software products. Is there a preference for the order of installation of National Instruments software ...
Are TestStand Variables, Names, and Expressions Case Sensitive?
Are the variables, names, and expressions in TestStand case-sensitive?
TestStand Input Language Behavior with Expressions
Certain versions of TestStand exhibit different behaviors when using different input languages with Expression controls

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