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How Can I Programmatically Rename a File using TestStand?
I would like to use TestStand to programmatically rename a file stored somewhere on disk.  How can I do this?
How Can I Programmatically Determine the Version of my Sequence File?
I would like to be able to programmatically determine the version of my currently executing sequence file.  How can I do so?
Why Do I Get Error -17311 While Trying to Execute My Sequence File?
While trying to execute my sequence file, I get an Error with code -17311. How do I resolve this?
Multiple LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 8.2 Entries in the TestStand Deployment Utility
I am building a TestStand deployment and when I select which drivers and components to add to the installer, there are two entries for NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine ...
TestStand Won't Load: Error 80004005
My TestStand crashed and now when I try to reopen it I get the following error, or I just installed a newer version of TestStand and when I try to open it, I get ...
Why am I Unable to Run Single Pass in my TestStand Sequence as an Operator?
I have created a TestStand Sequence File which uses the Single Pass entry point within it. I am able to select this when I am logged in as  the default administrator ...
Modify the Pass/Fail condition of a TestStand Pass/Fail Step with a Custom Expression
I have a code module that returns multiple values and I want my TestStand step to pass or fail based on a condition that is a combination of these values. How can ...
ActiveX Automation Server Error 18351 on Deployed TestStand Target
After I deploy a working sequence to a target computer, I'm getting the following error message: Error loading type library/DLL.Error Code:  -18351; An error occurred ...
Loop Index for Interactive Execution in TestStand
I am running an interactive execution by right-clicking the steps and selecting Loop on Selected Steps... Is there a method to retrieve the loop index of the execution?
Known Compatibility Issues with TestStand and LabVIEW 8.5
Are there any known compatibility issues with TestStand and LabVIEW 8.5?
PropertyObjects Were Not Released Warning When Using LabVIEW
I am using a LabVIEW User Interface (UI) or code module that converts an ActiveX variant wire to a property object.  When I shut down my UI, I receive a warning ...
Customizing the Formatting and Appearance of TestStand XML and ATML Reports
I would like to customize the appearance or formatting of my XML or ATML TestStand reports.  How can I do this?
Incorrect Value When Passing LabVIEW Binary String Control Default from TestStand
When I specify to pass the default value for a LabVIEW string control in my TestStand module prototype, I do not get the correct string passed to my VI if I am passing ...
TestStand User Interface in LabVIEW Hangs
I am using a TestStand user interface built in LabVIEW and sometimes it hangs.  What are possible reasons for this hang?
TestStand 4.1.1 Bug Fixes
What are the bug fixes in TestStand 4.1.1?
Adding Additional Buttons to the TestStand Sequence Editor Toolbar
There is a Test UUT shortcut button in the sequence editor toolbar. I would like to add one for Single Pass. How can I do it?
Error -1074135023 in TestStand when Initializing an IVI-COM Device
I have defined an IVI-C step in the main sequence to initialize my Agilent function generator, but I am getting an error -1074135023 when I try to do so. What am I ...
TestStand Cannot Load Object or Library Files for CVI Adapter
I cannot load .obj or .lib files in TestStand when I use the CVI adapter. I am using TestStand version 4.0.1 or earlier and CVI 8.5 or later. Why am I not able to ...
TestStand 4.1.1 Deployment Utility Built Installer with Custom Commands Crashes
I used the TestStand 4.1.1 Deployment Utility to build an installer that includes custom commands that execute after all files have been installed.  When I run this ...
Calling a C/C++ Function with a Void Pointer Parameter from TestStand
I have a  C/C++ DLL that has a function declaration with a void pointer (void*) parameter. The C/C++ DLL adapter for the Action step does not allow me to choose ...
Using MenuStrip with InsertCommandsInMenu in TestStand .NET User Interfaces
Can I use the MenuStrip class (instead of the Menu class) with the InsertCommandsInMenu method in my TestStand user interface?
How can I Dynamically Call a Pre-Translated Sequence File?
I am using the Text to Sequence File Translator functionality in TestStand based upon the example that can be found in TestStand\Examples\SequenceFileTranslators.  ...
How Do I Hide The Execution of a Sub-Sequence?
I would like to hide the execution of a sub-sequence from showing in TestStand.  I only want to show the sequence call step, without showing the steps that the sub-sequence ...
Why do I get a 'LabVIEW: Parameter Not Found in the VI's Connector Pane' Error in TestStand After Upgrading to LabVIEW 8.5
I have been calling a VI from TestStand without any problems in multiple versions of LabVIEW. After upgrading to LabVIEW 8.5 and attempting to call the same VI, ...
Known Compatibility Issues with TestStand and LabVIEW 8.2
I am trying to find a list of known compatibility issues with TestStand and LabVIEW 8.2. Where are these issues documented?
Why Do I Get Error 1055 and Error 17308 While Configuring Storage, Formula Node and Spectral Measurement Express VIs in TestStand 4.0 and LabVIEW 8.5?
I am using TestStand with the Storage, Formula Node and Spectral Measurement Express VIs in LabVIEW 8.5. When I configure the step, I receive the following error:Expected ...
Why Do I Receive a Run-Time Version Error in TestStand When Loading a VI?
When I load a LabVIEW VI in TestStand using the Run-Time Engine I get the following error. Error 0: Unable to load VI VI_name with the Run-Time Engine. It is possible ...
Changing the Active Version in the TestStand LabVIEW Adapter
I have multiple versions of LabVIEW installed on my computer. How can I change the Active Version in TestStand's LabVIEW Adapter so that I can work with my other ...
Could Not Load The Example VIs Error in TestStand 4.0
When I attempt to run an example sequence in TestStand 4.0, I receive the following error:The VIs used in this example were saved with LabVIEW 7.1.1.  To run the ...
What is New for TestStand 3.1?
What is new for TestStand 3.1?

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