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TestStand: PropertyObjects Were Not Released Warning When Using LabVIEW Code Module
In one of the steps of my TestStand sequence I am using a LabVIEW User Interface (UI) or code module that converts an ActiveX variant wire to a property object.  When I shut down my TestStand UI, I receive ...

TestStand Deployment Fails When Deploying Dynamic Dispatch VI
I have created a LabVIEW Object-Oriented Project that contains a dynamically dispatched VI.  When I try to deploy my TestStand workspace that includes these VIs, I get a warning of the following form: ...

Val Function Returns 0 When the Input String Contains Empty Spaces in TestStand
I am using the Val function in a TestStand expression to convert a string to a number. This function normally ignores empty spaces in the string, but sometimes it returns 0. Why is this happening and how ...

Error -1074135023 in TestStand when Initializing an IVI-COM Device
I have defined an IVI-C step in the main sequence to initialize my Agilent function generator, but I am getting an error -1074135023 when I try to do so. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this problem? ...

Adding Additional Buttons to the TestStand Sequence Editor Toolbar
There is a Test UUT shortcut button in the sequence editor toolbar. I would like to add one for Single Pass. How can I do it?

TestStand Cannot Load Object or Library Files for CVI Adapter
I cannot load .obj or .lib files in TestStand when I use the CVI adapter. I am using TestStand version 4.0.1 or earlier and CVI 8.5 or later. Why am I not able to do this and is there a fix for it?

Using LabVIEW Class References with TestStand
I am using LabVIEW classes in my VI. Can I pass these LabVIEW class references directly to and from my TestStand sequence?

Calling a C/C++ Function with a Void Pointer Parameter from TestStand
I have a  C/C++ DLL that has a function declaration with a void pointer (void*) parameter. The C/C++ DLL adapter for the Action step does not allow me to choose void* from the list of types for this parameter. ...

How Do I Programmatically Browse A Workspace File in TestStand?
In my Operator Interface I am able to click File»Browse Workspace to load a workspace file into memory. How can I do this programmatically in TestStand and load a workspace file?

How Do I Hide The Execution of a Sub-Sequence?
When I run a TestStand sequence, I only want it to show the sequence call step and not see the steps that the sub-sequence contains. How do I hide the execution of a sub-sequence in TestStand?

How Do I Pass Data Between a TestStand Container and a Cluster in a LabVIEW VI?
I have a cluster in LabVIEW to which I would like to pass data from TestStand. I can pass the data into the LabVIEW cluster elements individually, but if I try to pass a TestStand container directly to ...

Modifying Built-In Types in TestStand
I need to modify a built-in TestStand type to accommodate my application. When I open the type palette window, the editor does not allow me to edit the type, even if I copy it to MyTypes.ini. How can I ...

Changing the Active Version in the TestStand LabVIEW Adapter
I have multiple versions of LabVIEW installed on my computer. How can I change the Active Version in TestStand's LabVIEW Adapter so that I can work with my other versions?

How Can I Hide Comments in TestStand?
I would like to hide the comments in a sequence within the Sequence Editor or within my User Interface, how can I do this?

How Do I Stop Execution of My Code Module (VI or DLL) After I Call it in TestStand?
In my sequence, I have an Action step that calls a LabVIEW VI or DLL.  After my TestStand execution calls the code module, I cannot continue editing it.  When the code module is a VI, for example, the ...

VI that Calls a System Library Not Executable after TestStand Deployment
I wrote a VI that uses a call library node on a system DLL such as kernel32.dll. My VI runs fine in LabVIEW on my development machine; however, when I deploy my application using TestStand, I receive the ...

Why is my TestStand Tools Menu Empty?
My Sequence Editor Tools menu is empty aside from the Customize... item. What might have caused this and how can I restore the default Tools menu items?

Custom Column in TestStand SequenceView Control Doesn’t Appear During Run-Time of the VI
I have modified the SequenceView control in the Simple Operator Interface VI (Simple-OI-Top-Level that shipped with TestStand to include a custom column.  I can see the new column when editing the ...

Error While Accessing Assembly When Editing a .NET Action Step in TestStand
Why do I receive the following error when I try to edit a .NET action step in TestStand?Error while accessing the .NET assembly.Could not load file or assembly 'mscorcfg, Version=, Culture=neutral, ...

Cannot Launch LabVIEW 8.2.1 Via ActiveX After Installing LabVIEW 8.5 or Later on Windows Vista.
Previously, using ActiveX to launch LabVIEW would open the version of LabVIEW that was last used. Certain NI products, like LabVIEW SignalExpress, Sound and Vibration Assistant, and TestStand, use this ...

Can I Create a Text or Batch File in TestStand?
I'd like to create a text file or batch file programmatically as TestStand runs, but I can't find any features to accomplish this. How can I create a text or batch file using TestStand?

Viewing Final Argument for Call Executable Step in Teststand
I'm trying to find a way to view what the final argument expression looks like when called from the Call Executable to verify if it is appearing in the correct syntax.

TestStand User Interface Hangs When Using a Sequence File Translator
I have created a TestStand User Interface in LabVIEW. I am also using the TestStand Sequence File Translator in LabVIEW. My TestStand User Interface hangs when it starts up. How do I avoid this?

How Do I Use the TestStand FTP Step Type?
I would like to download files from an FTP site using the built in FTP Step Type in TestStand (3.1 and later), but I can't figure out how to configure the step correctly.

TestStand Error Code '-17801; Unknown Interface ID' When Calling LabVIEW VI With Waveform Parameter
I am using TestStand to call a LabVIEW VI that has a Waveform Parameter. However, when I try to call the VI, I get the error code "-17801; Unknown Interface ID". How do I fix this error?

LabVIEW Crashes When Creating a TestStand Deployment with VIs that Call DLLs with the Same Name
When I create a TestStand Deployment containing LabVIEW VIs that use DLLs with the same name but different paths, this causes LabVIEW to crash. How can I avoid this?

How Do I Specify a Particular Process Model for a Specific Sequence File?
I have several TestStand sequences and I want to run some of the sequences using the default Sequential Process Model and others using a different process model. How do I specify different process models ...

What are Expression Strings in TestStand?
1 ratings:   3 out of 5    What are Expression Strings in TestStand? Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 1.0 Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A Secondary Software: N/A Problem: What are expression ...

Automatically Add Multiple Steps on Custom Steps in TestStand
I have noticed that when I place any Flow Control step type (such as For, If, or For Each), an End step is also automatically added. How can I achieve this same behavior in my custom step types?

How Can I Access Properties of the Process Model from my Client Sequence?
I would like to access properties such as socket information or the UUT serial number from the process model within my client sequence file.  How can I access these properties?

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