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Can I Create a Text or Batch File in TestStand?
I'd like to create a text file or batch file programmatically as TestStand runs, but I can't find any features to accomplish this. How can I create a text or batch file using TestStand?
How Do I Clear All Elements of an Array in TestStand?
I have an array stored as a local variable in TestStand.  I would like to delete all elements from this array during execution.  How can I accomplish this?
Where Can I Find Visual Studio 2003 Examples of TestStand Operator Interfaces?
In the past TestStand has shipped Visual Studio 2003 examples of the TestStand 3.5 .NET Simple and Full-Featured Operator Interfaces.  Where can I find the source code for these operator interfaces online? ...
Opening a TestStand XML Report in Excel or Word 2007
Note: These instructions are for Microsoft Excel 2007. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2003, then please refer to the instructions in KnowledgeBase 4N1MUUU0: How to Import a TestStand XML Report into ...
TestStand User Interface Hangs When Using a Sequence File Translator
I have created a TestStand User Interface in LabVIEW. I am also using the TestStand Sequence File Translator in LabVIEW. My TestStand User Interface hangs when it starts up. How do I avoid this?
Why Does TestStand Crash After I Close My Workspace File?
I am using Perforce as my source code control provider with TestStand and TestStand intermittently crashes after I close a workspace file. Why is TestStand crashing and how can I prevent this crash from ...
How Do I Use the TestStand FTP Step Type?
I would like to download files from an FTP site using the built in FTP Step Type in TestStand (3.1 and later), but I can't figure out how to configure the step correctly.
LabVIEW Crashes When Creating a TestStand Deployment with VIs that Call DLLs with the Same Name
When I create a TestStand Deployment containing LabVIEW VIs that use DLLs with the same name but different paths, this causes LabVIEW to crash. How can I avoid this?
How Do I Specify a Particular Process Model for a Specific Sequence File?
I have several TestStand sequences and I want to run some of the sequences using the default Sequential Process Model and others using a different process model. How do I specify different process models ...
Why Can't I Return a Value From My .NET Code Module to an Array in TestStand?
I am calling a .NET assembly as a code module in the course of my test sequence.  When I specify a TestStand array variable to retain the return value from this code module, I receive the following error:An ...
TestStand Module Container Parameter Value Is '??? Unknown Value'
In TestStand, a custom data type definition of a container does not map the sub-properties of a parameter and the cluster elements correctly/automatically. This results in the Step Settings under the Module ...
How to Dynamically Change the Report Directory in TestStand
How can I dynamically change the report directory in TestStand depending on which client sequence file is currently executing (or depending on the value of any variable)?
Why do I Receive an Error Writing to SeqEdit.xml When Opening the Sequence Editor?
When I launch the NI TestStand Sequence Editor, I receive the following error message: Error writing to file 'C:\Documents and Settings\XPMUser\Local Settings\Application Data\National Instruments\TestStand ...
Why do I Receive Error -17205 When Closing the Sequence Editor?
When I close the NI TestStand Sequence Editor, I receive Error -17205 and one or more errors indicating that the software had trouble accessing the layout_current.bin or SeqEdit.xml. Why do I receive these ...
Which National Instruments Software Products Require Deployment Licenses?
I am bundling NI Software in an installer for my application.  What NI Software requires a license on the target computer?
Currently Supported Versions of National Instruments Software
I would like to know if the version of National Instruments Software that I own is still supported by National Instruments technical support resources. Is there a document that lists this information?
Error When Loading Step In TestStand: LoadTarget_VI.llb Used In Remote Calling Is Not Up To Date
When attempting to run a sequence that calls a VI on a remote computer, I receive the following error:
Resetting Type Versions within TestStand
I opened a sequence file (from another computer), and TestStand prompted me to save several type palette files when I closed the program. I did not change anything in the sequence file, and it has not ...
Transferring a TestStand Deployment License to Another Computer
I have a TestStand Deployment License installed on one of my machines. I have decided to stop using this machine as a deployment machine and would like to use another machine instead. How can I transfer ...
Programmatically Enabling RecordResult Option for a Step
1 ratings:   5 out of 5      Rate this Document Programmatically Enabling RecordResult Option for a Step Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 4.0 Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A Secondary Software: ...
How does Visual C++ 6.0 Handle ActiveX String Types from the TestStand API?
I am trying to use functions from the TestStand API, but I can not figure out how to declare the appropriate string. The compiler says that it needs a short** but that does not correspond to a string ...
How to Debug a LabWindows™/CVI™ DLL from within TestStand
I would like to be able to step into my LabWindows/CVI DLL from within TestStand. What changes do I need to make to my DLL and how do I configure the step in TestStand to step into the code?
Why Does My .NET Assembly Remain in Memory When Called from TestStand?
I am calling my .NET assembly from TestStand and storing the object reference in a FileGlobal. I notice that the assembly is not unloaded from memory when I would expect it to be. In most cases I can unload ...
How Can I Lock Changes to my NI TestStand Sequence Editor User Interface Configuration?
I have configured my NI TestStand Sequence Editor's User Interface (UI) exactly the way I like it through a combination of reorganizing, resizing, and auto-hiding some of the available panes.  Is there ...
Error -18002 Using TestStand 4.0 Full-Featured UI with LabVIEW Run-Time Engine
Error -18002 implies that the VI is not executable but when running the sequence using the Simple UI everything works, which implies the VI is executable. Why then am I receiving error -18002 when running ...
Adapting the LabVIEW TestStand User Interface to the XP Theme
When I run the LabVIEW user interface source code that ships with TestStand, the TestStand ActiveX controls look rounded like the XP theme,  but when I build the user interface into an executable, the ...
Signing Up For National Instruments Software Beta Testing
1 rating:   1 out of 5      Rate this Document Signing Up For National Instruments Software Beta Testing Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 3.5 Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A Secondary Software: ...
How do I Force the LabVIEW Operator Interface to Not Load Any Sequence Files When Executed?
When I execute my LabVIEW Operator Interface there are sequence files loaded already. Why are they loading and how do I stop these sequence files from loading?
Calling LabVIEW FPGA VIs From TestStand
I have created a project using LabVIEW FPGA that contains a Host VI and a FPGA VI. When I attempt to call the Host VI in TestStand, the step says the VI is broken. How can I resolve this and call my FPGA ...
How Can I Display the Front Panel of a VI when Using the Run VI Asynchronously Step in TestStand?
I have included a Run VI Asynchronously step in my test sequence in order to execute my VI in a separate thread from my test sequence.  However, when my test sequence reaches this step, I cannot see this ...

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