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Quantum Computing Research Using Free-Electron Lasers and Megawatt Magnets
Researching a method for quantum computing at the High-Field Magnetic Laboratory (HFML) and the Free Electron Lasers for Infrared Experiments (FELIX) facility in Nijmegen, Netherlands, scientists held ...

RAL Space Uses NI Platform to Develop HD, Live Streaming Earth Observation Cameras
Developing and testing two cameras that will stream unprecedented images and video footage of planet Earth from space. The cameras are bolted to a prepared rig on the Zvezda module of the International ...

Radar Target Simulator
Developing a product to inspect and test radar stations and individual blocks of high RF path.

Raytheon Automates a Data Analysis, Data Management, and Report Generation Tool with NI DIAdem
Reducing test cycle times through automation and providing a more systematic approach to the problem of cross-departmental test information management of exoatmospheric ballistic missile testing, thus ...

Reducing Time and Cost of Weapon Component Shock Testing Using LabVIEW and CompactDAQ
Creating a weapon shock simulator that accurately recreates the weapon shock experienced by an M4 class weapon to test electro optic and electronic accessories.

Research Rocket Flight Trajectory Estimation System
Estimating the flight trajectory of a suborbital research rocket without using typical high-power radar methods.

The ISIS Proton Synchrotron: Beam Data Acquisition and Analysis Using NI PXI and LabVIEW
Improving the beam diagnostic system of the ISIS 50 Hz synchrotron to better monitor, control, and improve the accelerator’s performance.

Underwater Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Based on CompactRIO
Building a prototype autonomous unmanned vehicle (AUV) with a flexible interface, reliable software, and high usability for an algorithm test bed quickly and with minimal cost.

Using CompactDAQ and LabVIEW to Monitor and Control a Pleiades Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
Designing, constructing, and testing an RF rack to amplify an X band signal using a traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) electrical model from a Pleiades program that can also command the TWTA to switch ...

Using LabVIEW and PXI to Measure the Temperature and Density of Fusion Plasmas on a Tokamak COMPASS
Developing a tokamak measurement system to meet the strict requirements for magnetic confinement of controlled nuclear fusion.