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Controlling the Discovery Channel Telescope Using LabVIEW
Designing and implementing control software to be integrated into a networked distributed control system for a large optical telescope.

Creating a Versatile, Sustainable, and Compliant Test Solution for Diverse Weapons Systems Support of Instrumentation and other Avionics
As a solutions-orientated services provider to the Department of Defense (DoD) community, CACI recognized the need for a solution capable of covering the test and diagnostics functions of some of the older, ...

Developing a Flexible F-35 Vehicle Systems Integration Facility Data Acquisition System
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics needed an integrated system to acquire various types of data, including analog, digital, video, and additional data transferred from other systems through reflective memory, ...

Developing a Part Finishing and Inspection System Using NI Smart Cameras and LabVIEW
Automating the deburring and final inspection of turbine airfoils for aircraft engines.

Developing Digital Test Equipment for Navy Aircraft Communications Using NI LabVIEW and the PXI Platform
Developing a small, versatile test system that mimics the on-board communications of a military aircraft and analyzes the communications for accuracy and completeness.

EMBRAER Performs Full Airplane Simulation Using NI HIL Tools
Performing electronic systems integration testing by connecting the complete electrical system of the aircraft to a simulation of the rest of the plane.

General Satellite in Russia Uses FastATE and NI for Mass Production of Its DVB-S Set-Top Box
Performing dual testing with two devices under test (DUTs) per panel, in-circuit test (ICT), firmware downloading (ISP), boundary scan test, and functional test (FCT) of DVB-S set-top boxes, which are ...

LM-STAR NI Software-Based Test System Saves Millions
Delivering a test system for use in applications from manufacturing to environmental stress screening to depot testing on the more than 3,000 planned Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

Lockheed Martin Reduces Costs and Time Testing F-35 Joint Strike Fighter with LabVIEW Real-Time
Replacing a proprietary VME-based DSP system owned by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. with a system that acquires, analyzes, and stores dynamic pressure data from a next-generation jet fighter engine design. ...

Porting the Simulation Environment of an Aviation FPGA Component (DO-254-A) to a Physical Verification Test Bench
Performing the physical verification of an FPGA device by reusing its virtual simulation environment, following a DO 254 Level A methodology flow (Guidance document for the development of hardware components ...