Case Study Results

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Advanced Vehicle Electronics Test with a Software-Defined Automated Test System
Mazda was able to build and automate a system to verify the logic (functionality) and evaluate the robustness of electronic components operating cooperatively.

Prototyping an Electric Buggy with LabVIEW and CompactRIO
Transforming a gas-powered buggy into an electric buggy to create a fun way for students to learn the principles of real-time command, control, and supervision.

Racing a Solar-Powered Car 3,000 km Across Australia Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Using remote data analysis and telemetry to reliably monitor and control the electrical systems of a solar-powered car.

Real-Time Visualisation of Pressures in a Vehicular Wind Tunnel Using LabVIEW
Our team needed to develop a tool to visualise, in real time, unsteady pressure data measured during wind tunnel test campaigns.

Reducing Telematics Control Unit Testing Cost with NI PXI Hardware and LabVIEW
Designing a tool to rapidly and efficiently test telematics control unit (TCU) integration in a vehicle within a lab environment as opposed to physically performing the tests on the road.

SCADA System for Locomotive Testing Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Developing a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to simultaneously test multiple traction test objects using high-power AC drives for locomotives requiring higher speed and torque in ...

The NI Toolchain for Engine Testing and Control System Development Based on Single-Board RIO, LabVIEW and VeriStand
Developing a toolchain for engine development and testing, based on NI hardware and software solutions, that includes an engine control prototyping unit, a combustion analysis system, and a test bench ...

The SMALL Autonomous Vehicle
Finding the appropriate instrumentation to fit into the SMALL vehicle and program the control unit and main control computer in such manner that different algorithms of autonomous driving systems can be ...

UFSC Uses LabVIEW and NI CompactDAQ for Acoustic Beamforming in Vehicle Pass-By Noise Tests
Developing a portable and affordable acoustic beamformer for noise source identification in pass-by noise measurements and other applications.

Using LabVIEW and CompactRIO to Develop a Catalyst Testing Unit
Controlling reaction parameters throughout the testing period, which is normally 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for two to three months, to prevent reaction condition distortion that can result in ...