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Lightning Hybrids' New Method to Reduce Fuel Consumption
Creating a system to retrofit new and existing fleet vehicles to reduce emissions and fuel usage.

Flexible Evaluation Workflows with FEVALYS Sequencer
Friday late afternoon - The customer wants a revised test evaluation. All results of the last 2 weeks must be reevaluated. Names have to be adapted, further calculations must be inserted and additional ...

Real-Time Visualisation of Pressures in a Vehicular Wind Tunnel Using LabVIEW
Our team needed to develop a tool to visualise, in real time, unsteady pressure data measured during wind tunnel test campaigns.

Reducing Risk and Cost With Virtual High-Speed and Commuter Train Test
High-speed and commuter trains are extremely complex constructions with thousands of components. During the validation and homologation phase, actual trains are rare and expensive assets. Siemens Mobility ...

Renesas Introduces a PXI-Based HILS System for HEVs and EVs for Advanced Development of Motor Control Technology
Developing higher level in-vehicle microcontrollers to address the demand of next-generation automobiles that use electrical power sources, such as electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs). ...

Harnessing the Power of Embedded Design to Develop an Innovative Measurement Sensor for Automotive Test Systems
Designing a flexible and reliable automotive test system for measuring and charting the flow rate of diesel engine nozzles.

High-Channel-Count Data Acquisition System for Gas Turbine Engines
Developing a 1024 channel count data acquisition (DAQ) system to monitor engine behavior during the development phase.

High-Performance Prototype Control Systems for a Formula Student Race Car
Creating a complete vehicle controls system to pretest the components and systems of a Formula Student racing car before it reaches the circuit.

NI Compact Vision System Helps Achieve Six-Sigma Repeatability Standards in Inspection of Automobile Spark Plugs
Developing a robust and reliable automated optical inspection system for automobile spark plugs while meeting exacting standards of six-sigma gage reproducibility, repeatability, accuracy, and saving floor ...

Honda Developed a New Method for Measuring Fuel Cell Impedance With PXI Data Acquisition System
We wanted to develop a new technique for measuring fuel cell impedance that would empower us to rapidly measure the characteristics of a wide range of frequencies in high precision, rather than just the ...