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Monitoring Rail Positions With LabVIEW and NI Vision Software
Monitoring the conditions of a segment of the Paris Regional Express (RER) by measuring rail movements and helping the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP) automatically alter its maintenance ...

NI PCI-Based Testing Ensures Automotive Navigational System and Radio Quality
Developing a high-product-throughput test station to test communications; evaluate physical dimensional properties; and detect the presence of cosmetic defects, electronic characteristics, and various ...

Prototyping an Electric Buggy with LabVIEW and CompactRIO
Transforming a gas-powered buggy into an electric buggy to create a fun way for students to learn the principles of real-time command, control, and supervision.

UFSC Uses LabVIEW and NI CompactDAQ for Acoustic Beamforming in Vehicle Pass-By Noise Tests
Developing a portable and affordable acoustic beamformer for noise source identification in pass-by noise measurements and other applications.

Using LabVIEW and DAQ to Create a Go-Kart Performance Monitoring Dashboard
Monitoring performance parameters of a go-kart to improve its competitive edge.

Using LabVIEW and PXI to Create an Automated CAN Communication Test System for Sensor Boxes in Modern-Day Vehicles
Developing a high-speed test and measurement system for automatic, simultaneous data acquisition with distributed controller area network (CAN) measurement signals on up to six sensor boxes in a controlled ...

Using NI CompactDAQ to Investigate the Performance of Active Noise Control in Road Vehicles
Developing integrated, cost-effective active noise control (ANC) systems for engine and road noise control in a vehicle cabin while considering acoustic noise sources and environment.

Racing a Solar-Powered Car 3,000 km Across Australia Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Using remote data analysis and telemetry to reliably monitor and control the electrical systems of a solar-powered car.

SCADA System for Locomotive Testing Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Developing a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to simultaneously test multiple traction test objects using high-power AC drives for locomotives requiring higher speed and torque in ...

Visteon Simplifies Automotive Powertrain Control Using the NI LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module
Simulating multiple variables to validate complex automotive engine designs to achieve the best fuel economy, engine performance, and emissions control.