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Microsoft Uses NI LabVIEW and PXI Modular Instruments to Develop Production Test System for Xbox 360 Controllers
Developing a comprehensive, low-cost production test system for the Microsoft Xbox 360 wired and wireless controllers.

Promethean Power Partners With NI to Reduce Milk Spoilage in India
Every day, dairy processors are challenged with transporting milk between millions of individual farmers in villages throughout India to central processing facilities in distant cities. They rely on twice-a-day ...

Semiconductor Validation System for Fingerprint Identification Chip Used in Mobile Devices
Creating a fast and reliable test system for both manual characterization and automatic regression testing to ensure that the first samples of a new sensor meets all the specifications necessary and can ...

The New Frontier of Silence: How to Develop the Washing Machine of the Future
Creating the most silent washing machine so customers can use it over convenient time bands for ecological and economical advantages. Among technologies for noise reduction, optimal unbalance management ...

Innovative HIL Testbed Validates the Software Embedded in Socomec Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
We needed to build a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator for our electric power converters to validate complete functionality with strict real-time constraints and to test the robustness of our products ...

Automation of a Robotized Production Cell Through CompactRIO
Developing a new test bench design to test power meters with the flexibility to interoperate with automation devices and robotics arms through industrial protocols and adaptability to various product lines. ...

Developing a Manufacturing Test System for Wireless Multimedia Tablet Devices
Developing a manufacturing test system to test a wireless multimedia tablet device that incorporates a complex touch screen, accelerometer, camera, audio and Wi-Fi requirements.

Developing a Functional Circuit Test System Using LabVIEW and PXI
Testing audio/video circuits and static parameters for printed circuit boards (PCBs) on the manufacturing line while avoiding high engineering time and cost when target products change.

CompactRIO Delivers Major Impact in the World of PCB Assembly Inspection
Designing and developing a revolutionary XYZ measurement-based inspection technology to help companies improve the quality of their manufactured PCB assemblies.

Automated Print Head Testing
Developing a clean room-compatible automated test system for industrial inkjet printing that adds more measurement detail and increases reliability, whilst achieving higher throughput.