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Ensuring the Safety and Performance of Small-Scale Wind-Turbines With NI CompactRIO
Creating a stand-alone, unified platform to acquire and analyze data that certifies small-scale wind turbine efficiency, operation, and structural integrity.

Extending Plasma Lifespan for Fusion Science Using CompactRIO System With FPGA
Sustaining confinement of a high-performance plasma at more than 10 million °F and 10 trillion/cc, which requires extreme complex processing during the experiment.

Hybrid Battery Cycle Life Testing
Developing an automation system to evaluate the performance and cycle life of a hybrid lithium-ion/lead-acid battery.

Marine Generator Test and Analysis System Based on CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Testing the performance of a marine power generator under various power outputs in case of the sudden increase or decrease of its load.

Improving the Efficiency of Wind Turbines with an Intelligent Measurement and Control System
Building a system to measure and control the behavior of a wind turbine blade to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. The main challenge was developing an advanced measurement and control system that ...

Increasing Hydroturbine Operating Revenue by Challenging Cavitation Limits
Limits on operation of hydropower machinery are often caused by the presence of cavitation; i.e. the formation and collapse of vaporous bubbles. Cavitation can be highly detrimental to the machinery, and ...

Increasing Power Service Reliability and Energy Security With MicroGrids
Proclucid Technologies Inc. works to enhance cities’ aging power grids through MicroGrids, which are small-scale, power-generation solutions consisting of local facilities and individual structures equipped ...

Modular Instrumentation for Online Partial Discharge Monitoring
Cepel needed to implement an online partial discharge (PD) monitoring and analysis system for hydroelectric power plant generators to aid the predictive diagnosis of stator electric insulation.

Pilot Plant Control of Heating Systems Using NI LabVIEW and NI CompactRIO
Developing a versatile control system to operate a pilot plant to test heating systems in buildings, providing realistic experimental testing and simulation of current and future energy technologies.

Nucor Reduces Energy Use and Improves Safety in Steel Recycling Process Using the NI Platform
Developing an automation system for a steel recycling facility that reduces the amount of energy consumed to comply with statewide energy regulations while improving the safety and efficiency of the plant. ...