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Ensuring the Safety and Performance of Small-Scale Wind-Turbines With NI CompactRIO
Creating a stand-alone, unified platform to acquire and analyze data that certifies small-scale wind turbine efficiency, operation, and structural integrity.

Mobilizing a Global Energy Storage Fleet of Zinc Bromide Flow Batteries
Primus Power aimed to quickly, and without sacrificing quality, deliver the next generation of zinc bromide flow battery storage systems to market for deployment in commercial, industrial, data center, ...

Simulation of Smart Power Distribution Grid
Creating a test environment for smart switching and protection devices, where faults in electricity grid can be simulated and remediation strategies can be verified.

Improving the Efficiency of Wind Turbines with an Intelligent Measurement and Control System
Building a system to measure and control the behavior of a wind turbine blade to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. The main challenge was developing an advanced measurement and control system that ...

Using the LabVIEW Environment for Measurement of a Small Hybrid Power System at Bialystok University of Technology
Measuring a small hybrid electric system that combines two different types of wind generators and three types of configurations of photovoltaic modules.

Marine Generator Test and Analysis System Based on CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Testing the performance of a marine power generator under various power outputs in case of the sudden increase or decrease of its load.

Modular Instrumentation for Online Partial Discharge Monitoring
Cepel needed to implement an online partial discharge (PD) monitoring and analysis system for hydroelectric power plant generators to aid the predictive diagnosis of stator electric insulation.

National Grid UK Prepares Today for the Grid of Tomorrow
"The modern grid comes with new engineering challenges. In the United Kingdom, as renewable energy resources are being used to supplement fossil fuel production, power quality issues are surfacing. Combine ...

NI LabVIEW and CompactRIO Keep Power Plants Online
Developing a cost-effective and reliable system to monitor power plant machinery in Croatia.

Hybrid Battery Cycle Life Testing
Developing an automation system to evaluate the performance and cycle life of a hybrid lithium-ion/lead-acid battery.