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Oil Well Fracture Pump Monitoring and Analysis Using LabVIEW and NI RIO Technology
Building an advanced monitoring system that can survive being mounted directly to an oil well servicing pump in a rugged environment while performing advanced analysis on sensor data.

Improve Test Coverage, Documentation and Traceability by Integrating Python Automation with HIL Testing
Design and implement a test system for embedded application software that allows users to program test-cases in a textual language. Test-cases must be executed in real-time and use hardware I/O to interface ...

Porting a Legacy Control System to a PXI Platform Running the NI LabWindows™/CVI Real-Time Module
Replacing an obsolete critical control system for six hot rolling mill stands with a modern, flexible platform that requires minimal deployment costs, minimizes production downtime, and maximizes legacy ...

Interactive Bio-Feedback for Gait Training Robot
Neurologically impaired patients need to recover the cardiovascular system and relearn lost skills such as floor walking. The LYRA® is a robotic device that assists the patient and therapist in this difficult ...

Universal Test System for Electronic Components
Developing a system to fully automate the process of testing the parameters of radio components.

Using CompactRIO to build an IoT system for tunnel construction, simultaneously achieving safety management and energy conservation
We wanted to build a system that could resolve two key issues for construction sites in mountain tunnels. The first issue was to secure the safety of workers by facilitating an electronic process to manage ...

Using LabVIEW and PXI to Detect Compressor Vibration Tester Defects
Detecting all defect criteria that cannot be detected with an old single-axis vibration test system.

Load and Torque Testing On a Grand Scale
Shipping is considered the most environmentally friendly option for transporting large volumes of cargo, but with rises in demand for products and the need to reduce emissions, many shipping companies ...

Model Based Design for an Elevator HIL Test System Using CompactRIO
Developing an synthetic instrument based on CompactRIO hardware to characterize the efficiency of a lift control on a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) reactive test bench, reusing a timer model used in simulations. ...

Monitoring the Main Gearbox of a Bucket-Wheel Excavator Using CompactRIO
Predicting parts failure in the bevel planetary gearbox of a bucket-wheel excavator power transmission system.