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Small Business, Grand Challenge: Elvesys Designs the World’s Fastest Pathogen Detection Platform
Public health crises are, unfortunately, no longer just plot points of apocalyptic novels or Hollywood thrillers. Diseases like Ebola and influenza, and pathogenic threats such as anthrax, are very real ...

Using LabVIEW and NI DAQ Hardware to Verify Devices That Prevent HIV Transmission Between Mother and Child During Breastfeeding
Creating a test system to verify a low-cost nipple shield delivery system (NSDS), which could help in the global fight against infant malnutrition, malaria and HIV by providing a straightforward method ...

Researching Future Targeted Drug Delivery Techniques with Ultrasound Beam Focusing Using FlexRIO and LabVIEW
Driving and optimising a bespoke multielement ultrasound phased array with continuous wave signals for therapeutic applications such as targeted drug delivery (TDD).

Creating a Universal Test System Based on LabVIEW for Stryker Medical Devices
Creating a flexible and scalable life-cycle and durability tester capable of handling a wide range of new medical products for design development and verification testing.

Developing the World’s First Real-Time 3D OCT Medical Imaging System With LabVIEW and NI FlexRIO
Creating a medical instrument that can detect cancer during medical checkups without requiring the patient to undergo the severe stress of a biopsy.

Improving Ultrasonic Tumour Therapy With Passive Acoustic Detection
Developing an economical and effective system for monitoring high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) surgery of cancerous tumours using ultrasonic hydrophone arrays.

Recording the Elusive Courtship Song of Fruit Flies
Building a device to control the local environment of fruit flies and reliably record their courtship songs, which can be difficult because of low volume and varied environmental factors like temperature, ...

Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Minimizes Damage to Healthy Tissue
Maximizing destruction of cancerous tumor cells while minimizing healthy tissue damage in patients.

Using NI FlexRIO to Control Ultrasonic Arrays for Sonotweezing
Driving a multichannel array with continuous wave and independent channel phase excitation to manipulate particle clusters and objects as small as 10 µm in real time using ultrasound, and permitting the ...

Combating Unilateral Facial Paralysis With Low-Latency Muscle Reanimation
Addressing unilateral facial paralysis by creating a measurement and control system for facial pacing, which measures facial movements from the healthy side of the face and uses functional electrical stimulation ...