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Fast and Precise Laser Engraving With CompactRIO
Develop a reliable, embedded, high-speed laser engraving control and positioning subsystem within eight weeks.

Making Washing Machines More Reliable With Hardware in the Loop
Increasing reliability standards and testing capabilities of our washing machine electronic control boards and implementing an automatic system for embedded firmware validation to save time and resources. ...

Maximizing Energy Efficiency in the Construction Industry with a Data-Driven Approach to Rock Smashing
We needed to prototype a novel rock crushing test rig, which would help us re-evaluate the way the materials industry calculates energy consumed when producing aggregate construction materials.

Real-Time Monitoring of pH and Water Levels and Automation of Chlorine Control in Sewage Treatment Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Designing a system for Adamson University’s sewage treatment plant (STP) to automate chlorine control and monitor the pH and water level for equalization and clean water tanks in real time.

Remote Diagnostics in a Fiber-Optic Network
Remotely controlling a fiber-optic wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) network tester installed in a field monitoring facility.

Using NI PXI Express and CompactRIO to Develop a Hardware-in-the-Loop Tester for Electric Driver ECUs of Locomotives
Developing a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator for a main drive locomotive to test newly developed control algorithms.

Using LabVIEW to Develop a Weld Inspection System
We needed a software application to assess the integrity of electrofusion joints of plastic pipes with a nondestructive technique using ultrasonic sensors. The software needed to deliver comprehensive ...

Using NI CompactDAQ to Crash Test Safety Helmets
Designing a highly accurate and portable high-level impact test application for the certification of safety helmets.

Flexible Asset Monitoring System improves Railway Infrastructure availability
Developing and deploying a complete system to monitor different electromechanical assets in a railway infrastructure to ensure reliability and safety with minimum downtime.

Multinode High-Precision Synchronized Inertial Measurement System
Developing a large-scale, reliable, and high-performance system to measure the synchronization of more than 200 inertial measurement units (IMUs) in milliseconds.