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NI TestStand Provides the Framework to Texas Instruments $4 Billion Division
Characterizing Texas Instruments (TI) increasingly complex wireless and RF devices in a global design environment.

Structural and Memory Testing of Ultra-Low-Power ASIC Designs Using PXI Modular Instruments
Creating a flexible test system to automatically verify and characterize new ultra-low-power semiconductor chip designs.

Parametric Test for Next-Generation Semiconductor Technologies
imec used accurate electrical wafer-level tests in to detect process-related issues at an early stage to manage yield drops, optimize the R&D process flow, reduce costs, and decrease time to market.

Probing of Large-Array, Fine-Pitch Microbumps for 3D ICs
Performing die tests prior to stacking 3D ICs to achieve sufficient compound stack yield by probing the interconnect microbumps for pre-bond test access.

Using LabVIEW and PXI for an Automated Test Bench for High-Resolution Audio Test
Designing a test bench for an automated high-resolution audio codec that integrates analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog multichannel converters.

Worldwide Standardization of Semiconductor Characterization Test at Melexis
Implementing a global semiconductor validation test strategy to improve test consistency, test coverage, and quality of statistical analysis to decrease the time to market and the effective time spend ...

PXI-Based Automated Wafer Probe Tester
Increasing wafer probe test throughput and improving tester flexibility for use with various semiconductor sensors.

Qualcomm Atheros Improves WLAN Test Speed by 200X
Keeping wireless local area network (WLAN) test costs low and test accuracy high while reducing characterization times as device complexity grows by tracking an increasing number of wireless standards. ...

Measurement System for Reliability Testing of MEMS Resonators
Creating an instrument that can control and measure the movement of multiple MEMS resonator structures to execute quasi-static and fatigue break tests.

G Systems Designs Flexible Semiconductor Test Executive with LabVIEW and NI TestStand
Designing and implementing a custom functional test system for producing many types of semiconductor hybrids. The system should provide a flexible test architecture, easy-to-use development environment, ...