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Power Electronics Fundamentals - AC to DC Power - Rectifiers https://www.ni.com/example/14676/en/
The National Instruments Power Electronics Fundamentals series is designed to provide an overview of power electronics concepts used in research and taught throughout worldwide ins...
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NI Multisim Custom Simulation Instruments and Analyses – Powered by LabVIEW https://www.ni.com/example/13715/en/
Multisim has expanded its circuit simulation capabilities and enhanced the engineer’s toolbox with a large set of custom instruments and analyses, developed in LabVIEW, and now ava...
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Introduction to Digital and Analog Co-simulation Between NI LabVIEW and NI Multisim https://www.ni.com/example/13663/en/
The following document illustrates how to cosimulate analog and digital data between LabVIEW and Multisim software. Learn how to use LabVIEW to vary the voltage level of a DC power...
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Practical Teaching Ideas with NI Multisim https://www.ni.com/example/5659/en/
Practical Teaching Ideas is a collection of laboratories that implement elements of the NI Electronics Education platform such as Multisim and the NI ELVIS prototyping platform. Th...
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Understanding RF with NI Multisim: Courseware https://www.ni.com/example/5660/en/
1. Understanding RF with NI Multisim Download this courseware to teaching radio frequency (RF) concepts using the NI Multisim, easy-to-use, interactive circuit learning enviro...
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RF Hardware Example: Frequency Modulation https://www.ni.com/example/30148/en/
This lab is designed to examine the Frequency Modulation (FM) analog modulation scheme. Fundamentally, analog modulation techniques require changing characteristics of a carrier wa...
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