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NI Switches Help
manualchildpagestart Legal Information NI Switches Help Edition Date: April 2015 Part Number: 375472H-01 »View Product Info Download Help (Windows Only) Limited Warranty Copyright Trademarks Patents Export ...

NI 2811 Specifications
This document lists specifications for the NI 2811A/B matrix relay card. Refer to the NI Switches Help for detailed topology information.
Edition Date: January 2014

NI SwitchBlock Getting Started Guide
This document explains how to install, configure, and test the NI SwitchBlock. The carrier ships with the NI-SWITCH instrument driver, which you can use to program the NI SwitchBlock cards.
Edition Date: August 2015

NI 2811 Letter of Volatility
This document describes volatile and non-volatile memory under normal use conditions for the NI 2811 SwitchBlock module.
Edition Date: July 2016

NI-2810,2811,2812,2813,2814 Letter of Volatility
This is the Letter of Volatility for the NI-2810,2811,2812,2813,2814.
Edition Date: May 2017

SWB-2811 Product Certifications
This page documents all the applicable standards and certifications for the SWB-2811 and provides downloadable certifications.

SwitchBlock Modules: Switches Cable and Accessory Compatibility
Use this guide to match your NI SwitchBlock models with a compatible cable and accessory to meet the needs of your application, whether you are creating a new configuration, replacing or expanding your ...

SWB-2811 Pinout - Matrix Module for SwitchBlock Manual
Type A Signal Descriptions Signal Description ABx Analog bus row connection Cx Column connection GND Safety interlock ground connection INTRLK Safety interlock resistor connection — No connection Type ...

NI-DAQmx First Available Hardware Support
This page shows supported versions of the NI-DAQmx hardware driver with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Reference this information to ensure you install the correct version when upgrading or updating ...