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Activate NI Software Using Your NI User Account https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54773/en/
Single Seat customers can activate their NI Software using their NI User Account. Whether they purchase the software new or register their software via My Products , you can activa...

How to Install Add-Ons via NI Package Manager (NIPM) https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54221/en/
The LabVIEW NXG add-ons require you to have LabVIEW NXG pre-installed on your machine. If you do not have LabVIEW NXG, please click the button below to go to the download page. Dow...

Moving an InsightCM Server to a New Server Machine https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54883/en/
This guide describes how to move an existing InsightCM server’s data and configurations to a new server machine. These steps only apply to InsightCM 3.0 and later versions.

Taking Your First Measurement in LabVIEW FPGA (Data Logging) https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54219/en/
This tutorial provides an introduction to logging data to disk with CompactRIO in addition to an overview of the CompactRIO architecture and programming models available in LabVIEW...

Licensing LabVIEW NXG When on a Volume License Program https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54326/en/
Members of our volume licensing programs, including Volume License Agreements and Enterprise Agreements, license NI software through a Volume License Server. This type of licensing...

Synchronizing FieldDAQ and TSN-Enabled Ethernet cDAQ Chassis to a PXI System https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54805/en/
This tutorial demonstrates how to implement time-based synchronization between FieldDAQ or Ethernet cDAQ devices and PXI systems using Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

Update Volume License Manager (VLM) 3.x to a New Version https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54718/en/
It just takes a few steps to convert, update or upgrade your NI Volume License Manager (VLM) from one version to another. Use these steps to ensure a successful conversion.

Main Page: Setting Up Your CompactRIO System https://www.ni.com/tutorial/54281/en/
This document provides a walkthrough on how to setup your CompactRIO System and perform your first measurement in LabVIEW. If you are a new user of CompactRIO Hardware & Software p...